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Well, the Democrats have exposed themselves once again as the liars they are.

If you recall the 2004 Presidential election, there was a big push by the Democrats targeting the 18-25 year old vote.

It was called "Vote or Die".
Numerous Democrat leaders claimed that if re-elected George W Bush had a "Secret Draft" planned to send more troops to die in illegal wars (like Iraq).

Thus, "Vote (Democrat) or Die".
Hip-hop artists and MTV got the "word" out to young potential Democrat voters, "Vote or Die".
Young people (above) were "used" by Democrats to spread the message of fear.

Bush was re-elected anyway in ‘04 and guess what?
No Draft. Bush never planned a draft and supports a strong, proud, volunteer military.

The troops love their Commander In Chief, the feeling is mutual and it shows.

In fact, it was Democrat Congressman Charley Rangel (NY) who had proposed legislation to impose a military draft in 2003, and Charley Rangel (NY) who voted against his own Bill (which went down in flames).

But, during the recent 2006 midterms there was no warning from Democrats for young men and women to "Vote or Die", …why not?

Had Bush abandoned his “secret plan”?

It turns out that it was the Democrat party that had a "secret draft" planned (if elected to power). Merry Christmas to all the 18 year olds from your newly elected Democrat majority. (and happy new year to all the 17 year olds too)
The new Democrat Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee (Rangel) is proposing to reinstate the military draft- again and this time, he says he means it.

This, in spite of virtually every military expert saying that a volunteer military is far superior in every way to a drafted military.
In spite of the fact that all of the armed forces have exceeded their recruitment goals (even while a war is going on).
And in spite of the fact that it was Democrats who claimed Bush was going to draft them into the military, but now it is the Democrats who now want to do just that.

Their claims that a volunteer military is comprised of the poor and uneducated are not supported by the facts. The military has a higher educational average than the rest of the country by a significant margin. Many of the troops are from upper middle class and above income level families and most join to serve their country not for the money.

Democrats politicians seem to want to put people in the military who are anti-military/anti war, so then there might be a few Democrats in uniform to vote for them.

Pathetic but typical (insane).



Blogger Red Stater said...


Democrats kill Rangel's draft plans.
Rangel says he didn't actually want to reinstate draft but only wanted to make the point that only poor and minorities are serving and getting killed in the military and that if we drafted rich students at Harvard we would therefore never go to war.

So now we are back to the Kerry philosophy that only uneducated poor minorities join the military, not proud, brave, patriots eager to serve and defend their country.

Nice recovery Chuck (NOT) lol

Democrats simply hate the military and can't hide it even when they try and cover something they said with something nicer.

Whatever Rangel is trying to do, it is backfiring (as usual)

12:46 PM  

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