Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Global Warming?

According to Red Stater

The Earth is currently getting warmer. That’s true.

It has done so before, and gotten cooler also and probably will again.
Earth’s climate goes through cycles (obviously) since there are now deserts where glaciers used to be and glaciers where tropical forests used to be and so on.

The planet wobbles on its axis as it orbits the sun, changing the angle of the sun, the climate and much more. The Earth’s orbit is not perfect (sorry). Warming and cooling are a part of the living planet on which we reside.

The sun itself is currently the most active in over 300 years which scientists now say impacts increased temperatures here on the “3rd Rock” more than greenhouse gasses and could be the actual cause of global warming.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/56456.stm and http://www.nationalcenter.org/NPA203.html

The Earth also has incredible self-healing capacity beyond our comprehension. If you don’t believe it, go up in the mountains and visit an old ghost town. There are plenty of towns which once boomed with gold and whiskey and music less than 100 years ago. You will rarely be able to tell many ever existed at all. Nature has reclaimed what man temporarily constructed and left behind.
There is no reason to believe that this is the first hole in the ozone layer and no reason not to believe that as the cycles change (again) and the earth tilts and wobbles the other way (again) and the Sun’s intensity lessens (again) that the hole in the ozone fixes itself (again) as nature intended (again).

But let’s say (just for the sake of conversation) the lefty environmentalists are correct that a hole in the ozone layer caused by CO2, Methane, N2O and other greenhouse gases from our cars is causing global warming and only we can stop it.
(apparently by driving a corn/soy/hydrogen powered *Ford Pinto)

According to the American Institute of Physics, (and others) massive amounts of greenhouse gasses were around long before fossil fuels were being used as in “forever”.

http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.html and http://www.aip.org/history/climate/othergas.htm

In fact, “natural causes” account for about 95% of all greenhouse gases, and “man-related causes” account for about 5%.

Of the 5% caused by man, about 30% is from agriculture (fertilizer and crops) and about 45% is from Coal based power and industrial emissions.

A whopping 1% of all greenhouse gases is caused by cars, home heating, airlines, etc.


And of that 1%, much less than half is from America.

So, even if we eliminated ALL sources of manmade greenhouse gasses on the planet, 95% of the greenhouse gasses being emitted would still exist.
If we eliminated all cars in America, 99.6+% of the greenhouse gasses would still be present.

Environmentalists and liberals are trying to convince Americans to drive a golf cart to work, when it will have zero effect on the other 99% of the problem?
No thanks.

If you want to stop global warming caused by greenhouse gases, eliminate water vapor, stop the cows and all animals from emitting methane, stop the rice patties and swamps from emitting methane and other gases, stop all decomposition of organic material, stop the oceans from emitting CO2 and the volcanoes from emitting everything, stop foreign industry from polluting and do something about that nasty wobble in our orbit around the sun while you’re at it. When you finish the above, figure out how to make the sun burn at a consistent rate and intensity to keep us all at a perfect 72 degrees all the time.

Then come back and talk to me about driving an electric/hydrogen/soy/corn/rubberband powered *Pinto or whatever.

* The Ford Pinto was the solution for America’s addiction to muscle cars, big engines and gasoline during the 1970’s gas shortage/environmental crisis. It was made of plastic, had a 4 cyl engine, got great gas mileage (about 30mpg) and exploded into flames if hit from the rear at more than 10mph.

You can see a Ford Pinto any weekend at your local drag strip with a big V8 stuffed under the little hood, lots of tubing to strengthen the frame, a set of big slicks on the rear and a fuel cell in the hatchback trunk that gets about 1gal per ¼ mile for mileage and carries a fire extinguisher on board.

You can currently get a 1960’s muscle-car like a Hemi Cuda or ’69 Camaro for around $1million at the Barrett Jackson car show or you can get what’s left of a 1974 Pinto at your local salvage yard for about $300.


UPDATE: 11/27/06- Algore's big blockbuster movie about global warming causing more hurricanes is more of a "Inconvenient little lie" than it is truth, read about it here. (if you dare)

And then there is this guy who says we've got to stop all use of fossil fuels now or the planet will be reduced to about 500 million people in the next few decades. Of course on page 2 of the reuters story he says that the earth has done this 6 or 7 times already for sure. The last time was the last Ice Age. He failed to mention how they got the "Cavemen" to stop using fossil fuels before fossils or fuels were even "invented" however.

UPDATE II: The Supreme Court will now decide whether the government should lable CO2 as a pollutant and regulate CO2 emissions.
Carbon Dioxide.
They stuff we exhale.
The stuff every living thing exhales.
A naturally occuring element.
Regulate it.
(lol) So liberals finally figured out a way to tax breathing.
While they are at it, they should regulate the amount of HOT AIR coming out of liberals lately... that could be the cause of global warming right there.
UPDATE III: 12/10/06- UN downgrades man's effect on environment as report concludes that COW'S have a much greater impact on GLOBAL WARMING than humans.



Blogger Red Stater said...

And yet the MSM continues to print a lie when they say "The United States is responsible for about 60% of the worlds total greenhouse gas emissions".
When in fact they "accidently" leave out the word "manmade". The US does account for about 60% of the manmade greenhouse gases, the problem is that manmade greenhouse gases only account for about 5% of the total greenhouse gas being emitted.
Natural sources account for the other 95%!

Just another example of the main stream media ineptness and liberal bias.

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