Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just Another Isolated Incident

According to most reports the OU Bomber (Joel Hinrichs) was just a confused kid totally unrelated to terrorism and his death was just an isolated incident- perhaps even a mistake.
"He was depressed" is the phrase you hear used to explain his wearing a bomb to a football game.
The fact that Hinrichs had recently converted to Islam and had terrorist bombmaking information and materials in his dorm room and had tried to buy large quantities of fertilizer is considered just a "coincidence". (BTW- he wasn't involved in agriculture)

And in another "totally isolated incident", his Brother Thomas Hinrichs was arrested in Colorado Springs last week for threatening an FBI agent and assaulting his own Father.
The arrest came just a few weeks after the one year anniversary of his brothers "suicide bombing gone bad" outside a packed football stadium in Norman Oklahoma on October 1st 2005.
Police who arrested the younger Hinrichs said he had a Romanian-made assault rifle, ammunition, a military helmet, a ballistic vest, a knife, knee pads, a flashlight and other gear in his car and was carrying another knife at the time of the arrest.

If convicted of threatening a federal officer, Hinrichs could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and be fined up to $250,000.

It's a good thing they got him off the street before he had a "coincidence gone bad".
Keep your eyes and ears open folks.


Blogger RustyBelgrades said...

Hey there Red Stater...it is good to see that the elections have not slowed you down. Seriously, keep it up. Having said that, I am not sure that your original perception of the OU Bomber is entirely accurate. The FBI took this case VERY seriously. I know this because the FBI, in an attempt to cover as much ground as possible, contacted and questioned as many people and groups as possible that might have had a connection to the incident. This includes one specific organization here in Norman that has had to deal with FBI questioning even before the Joel Hinrichs incident. He was cleared posthumously of any intent to harm anyone other than himself and was dubbed a suicide. You are probably thinking, "A man with bombs strapped to himself who was turned down entrance to the stadium that wound up committing suicide most likely had intent to harm others."

I'd have to agree, however the FBI determined that there is no real documented proof that Joel Hinrichs was denied entrance to the stadium. There was indeed a report of an individual being denied entrance that had a back pack filled with whatever, be it beer, dead fetus parts, or bombs, but it was not necessarily Joel Hinrichs. In spite of what seems very obvious, the FBI could not actually prove that Joel Hinrichs had any attempt other than suicide, and therefore had to rule it as such. In spite of what appears to be obvious, we cannot as a society rule a person's intent on mere assumptions or appearance. That would be a slippery slope that would benefit no one. Before you begin citing examples of liberals judging people on mere assumptions, remember that I am specifically referring to the FBI, a seemingly bipartisan, even if out of touch, organization, and Joel Hinrichs, a very out of touch individual with a serious lack of consideration for anybody that had to clean his worthless ass off of the pavement.

Please feel free to take my quotes out of context.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

hey rusty, thanks for taking the time.
Taking you (or anyone) out of context is not my style.
Putting things into context is.

Now, I have read and heard the official FBI reports too. I also know about the pressure put on by the OU admin and local authorities to make this one "go-away" for the good of the Univeristy, the town, the state and college football in general.

AND as my posts says, him wearing a bomb to a football game after trying to buy large quantities of bomb-making stuff (he wasn't a farmer) and converting to Islam, having jihad and bombmaking stuff in his room and computer, his dad's denial/coverup and his brother threatening a FBI agent while running around with assault weapons and a flak jacket in his car are just more totally Isolated incidents.
Again, like I said... It's a good thing they got his brother off the streets BEFORE he had another isolated incident.

2:05 PM  

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