Sunday, November 05, 2006

Let's Make A Deal or No Deal

Not that it could ever happen, but just for open-minded discussion and in an effort to “reach out” to the other side in this politically polarized time we live in. I propose a series of 4 trades to resolve 8 issues trading from right to left and from left to right.
For the sake of time and space, the trades proposed below are in short form, realizing there are always contingencies and details. I tried to keep the trades relevant and provide something for each side of similar importance.

Please consider each of these trades on it’s face value and answer…
So, let’s play “Let's make a Deal or No Deal”

Deal or No Deal #1:
Global Warming for National Security:
Liberals say that Global Warming is the most urgent threat to America (and the world) and conservatives say that Islamic fascists and our enemies are the most urgent threat to America (and the world).
So, I will give you liberals full control of ending/stopping/reversing global warming, I’ll shut up and listen to your authority (drive a hydrogen-cornethal-electric pinto wagon or whatever.) You will have my support for the next 10 years.(then we will review)
In return, you agree to give conservatives the full control over our national security, Iraq and the war on terror (Islamic fascism) ie: We get your support for the next 10 years.
If you believe that global warming is the major threat, I say fine. Go for it.
I believe you are sincere and trust you will do a great job (that we don’t want to do) of saving the planet from the increasing temperatures which are a result of our use of “fossil fuels”. “Git-r-done”.
Meanwhile, in return you must believe and trust conservatives to do the nasty job (you don’t want to do) of stopping a bunch of throat slitting, gut splattering, barbaric, religious fanatics from wiping all of us off the planet long BEFORE global warming ever has a chance to.

Deal or No Deal #2:
Gay Marriage for Freedom of Religion
I’ll give you government sanctioned gay marriage (and divorce) legal in all 50 states with full benefits (and deficits) and will shut-up about the issue in exchange for prayer back in schools, the Ten Commandments back in courtrooms and you shut up about nativity scenes and school Christmas pageants and other expressions of freedom of religion.

Deal or No Deal #3:
Abortion for the Death Penalty
I’ll agree to ban the death penalty and convert all death row inmates to life in prison if you agree to ban abortion (except in cases of health of mother and rape/incest), which includes no government funding of embryonic stem cell research. (Privately funded embryonic stem cell research is allowed in all 50 states.) If you are against the death penalty for the guilty then it should be easy to be against the death penalty for the innocent.

Deal or No Deal #4:
I’ll agree to a one-time *amnesty (again) for all illegal immigrants CURRENTLY working and living in America toward citizenship, if you agree to immediately shutting down the borders (with National Guard, fencing and whatever it takes) while enforcing the existing laws on any NEW illegals who enter this country thereafter and forever. *English is the official language of America, learn it and meet all the current requirements of new citizenship.
(I could have easily said the borders fall under national security and not offered you this one, but I wanted to reach out and demonstrate that conservatives are in fact fair)

There, that wasn’t so hard now was it?
Oh, …..some of you are still not happy?
Now, before you go off on a tangent and claim that liberals are going to win on all these issues anyway, so… why trade? I could/would say the same thing to you in reverse. Which is where we are now, so stop that before you even get started.
You liberals claim to be “progressive’ and claim that discussion and negotiation is always the solution, so here you go “sparky”, negotiate.

We solved global warming, the war on terror, gay marriage, religious freedom, abortion, the death penalty and immigration in one easy session.

Now, “can’t we all just get along”?(lol)

My bet is that liberals don’t want to get along, don’t want to negotiate and actually don’t even believe in the democratic process, freedom of religion or even freedom of speech (except when it is to their benefit).
My bet is that liberals don’t negotiate on any issue, yet claim conservatives are closed minded and intolerant of opposing views.

Maybe I’m wrong and liberals will love this proposed trade and the conservatives will be outraged, inflexible, will denounce and make fun of the proposed deal.

Either way, please resist the urge to comment with ridiculous suggestions that only demonstrate your hatred for Bush or lack of desire to discuss in good faith.



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