Monday, November 20, 2006

Liberal Blogs

LIBERAL BLOGGERS are the WORST (offenders of Free Speech)

Visit most liberal political blogs and you will find that those who claim to be all about the “exchange of ideas” and progressive thinking, don’t actually allow ANY dissenting (conservative) views to be “exchanged” on those blogs.

Those that do allow “conservative trolls” (opposing views) to comment, quickly find a reason to ban them from posting. (see my archived post “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”)

(In fact, not being able to respond to some of the outrageous things I read on liberal blogs was what motivated me to put together this blog “Red Stater” in the first place. They might ban me from posting on their blogs, but they can’t ban me from posting on MY blog. -yet)

They will usually remove you from their discourse for what they call “hate speech and personal attacks”. Then they will proceed to write hateful things about you and attack you personally knowing you can’t respond in kind.

Liberals seem to think that any disagreement with their point of view is a hate-speech, and therefore must be banned.
Pointing out examples of liberal or Democrat failed policies is “a personal attack”.
However, calling all Republicans liars, corrupt or racists is considered “disagreeing with their policies”.

They even have their little code-words to tell each other when a conservative posts a comment such as “elvis” (as in, leave the building) which was the signal at Air America Place Blogs to tell the “in-crowd” to move to another thread and leave the “troll” there by him/her self, so they are not subjected to any other views.

During the elections last week, I “visited” a few local liberal Blogs like Okie Funk and responded to 3 or 4 posts regarding Christian scandals, Republican scandals and Republican corruption. It was easy to point out that those are people problems not exclusive to any group or political party. Democrats have their share of problems too.
I received an e-mail from someone asking me “to stop bombarding him with hateful personal attacks” and I was told to never post at Okie Funk again. (my comments were never actually posted)

Wow, Okie must be in a Funk because he doesn’t have very many people that comment on his blog if 3 or 4 comments is a bombardment.

The truth is that liberals (like Okie Funk) can’t even stand for ONE conservative comment to reach daylight, much less 3 or 4.

And this is the Blog that won some kind of an award? (lol)

To liberals, just being conservative means you are a “hater”.

Being pro-life means that you HATE women.

Wanting lower taxes means that you HATE the poor.

Claiming that marriage is between a man and a woman, means that you HATE gays.

Wanting to protect the border and enforce our immigration laws means you are A RACIST WHO HATES all immigrants.

Wanting America to succeed in the middle-east means you are a corrupt, oil-sucking, warmongering, chicken-hawk that HATES Muslims.

Believing in God means you HATE everyone who doesn’t and that you want the government to force everyone else to believe in God too.

And on and on.

To liberals, everyone is “a hater” (except other liberals of course).
Meanwhile, Liberal bloggers post day after day, outrageous lies, stories, commentary, editorials and slanderous comments about President Bush and Conservatives (to which there is more than one side) and see nothing wrong with it. They even lie to themselves when they claim they don’t hate President Bush, they just “disagree with his policies”.

How lame is it to post your political opinions on your Blog, provide a “comments” board for people to respond, -then only allow comments that agree with yours?

From the big-time Air America/Al Franken Blogs all the way down to little local blogs like Okie Funk, they are mere “tools”.

“Useful idiots” as the Communists called the anti-war hippies (Democrats) in the ‘60’s.
Today it’s the terrorist Islamic throat-cutters who are cheering Democrats and liberal bloggers on.
The useful idiots can all dish it out, but when it comes to taking it, forget it. Ban it.

Here’s a suggestion for all you so called “progressive bloggers” out there:

1: Either don’t allow comments at all (which is fine) or add a disclaimer to your blog.

“This blog does not allow for dissenting/opposing views to be posted in the comments”.

Like my liberal parody Blog. (see disclaimer at bottom of Airhead America Radio Blogs)

2: If you Weblog your political views in order to actually have an exchange of different (diverse) ideas and perhaps bring the country together on at least ONE SINGLE ISSUE, then shouldn’t you allow for dissenting opinion in the discussion? (as long as it’s clean and on topic)

3: If you Weblog your views so fellow lib’s can agree with you, comment on how smart you are, how corrupt Bush is to look smart to each other and divide the country further, just say so.

Here is Red Stater’s disclaimer for commenting on Red Stater’s comments:

Keep it clean, in the realm of reality and as an exchange of honest opinions or it will be removed. Simple. All are welcome.
Spam and ads will be removed of course.


Two Oklahoma based blogs who DO allow opposing views and do a decent job of defending their positions are class warfare and kittenstomper .

I guess the syndrome I rant about above is directed at the more "uppitty" weblogs.
There are some very nice liberals out there too.


Blogger Dave said...

Again you are over simplifying the issue. The fact is that both liberal and conservative blogs are guilty of censoring opposing views and honestly it sucks. I know this because I have been banned from Twice. In both cases I presented opposing views to those that are standard for the site and I got banned. I never cursed or bad mouthed anyone but I was very stern in my beliefs, convictions, and opinions.

I applaud you for keeping an open dialogue with the dissenting views that are posted on your blog, even though I think you use too many generalizations and simplifications in your arguments but that is sadly all too common in the political debate in this day and age.

Wow...that was one long sentence.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

thanks dave (i think).

That is wrong for any blog claiming to be about diversity to instead censor.
Liberal or conservative.

Most things are pretty simple but we overcomplicate them and many things can be generalized for the sake of discussion, realizing that there are always exceptions.

take a look at my Deal or NO deal post and tell me what you think.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol! pot, meet kettle, black! if you just change the word liberal to conservative in your post, it could be you! too funny.

dave is spot on. your generaliations and simplifications are mind numbing.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

supergirl, you are posting on a conservative blog without being censored... your point is lost.

I'm sorry that simple straightforward points and concepts are "mindnumbing" to you.
That does explain your responses however.


10:25 PM  

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