Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Note To The President

Mr. President,
our prayers are with you.
Stand strong in your beliefs and convictions, the cause is just.

Polls be damned, Democrats too.
You have been charged with the task of something only a few men on this planet have been faced with. (Saving the free world)
Keep fighting the fight, supporting the troops and delivering the message.
We are at war, this is WWIII, we must WIN.

These extremist religious cults have taken a lesson from earlier conflicts and employed the use of "useful idiots" in this country to bring about the defeat of this country.
These "Americans" want power so badly they are willing to sell their souls (and ours) to get it.

These cults have taken a lesson from the American liberal media which is ...film terrorist recruiting videos and they will air it as "news".

Most Red Staters see right through these tactics, but unfortunately the hatred that is blinding liberals and Democrats allows them to believe YOU are the enemy, not the terrorists who want to kill them. Stand strong.

We know that Iraq has become a vital component of the war against Al Qaeda, and we know the only way America can lose is to quit. Our military is the finest on the planet and certainly cannot be defeated by a few thousand thugs with video cameras and some explosives.
Do not quit.
Do not "cut and run".

Stay the course if the course is victory.
Win this war, the world is counting on you.
So, tell James Baker and all the rest that there is only ONE possible scenario for Iraq.
How we get there is open to discussion, but where we are going is NOT.

Democrats may have won a majority in congress (barely), but YOU still make the policy and YOU are still the Commander in Chief.
Lead us to victory in your final two years, it is your destiny.

God Bless you,

To Democrats and liberals:
Put down your Vietnam protest signs and decide which side you are on before it's too late. (and don't give me that protecting the constitution balony, there won't be a US constitution if you and the terrorists get your way)


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