Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Old Oklahoma "Option Right"

Oklahoma makes history and runs to the right as the rest of the country get's faked-out and goes left.
Classic option football and now, Oklahoma politics!

It took 100 years for Oklahomans to climb out of Democratic ruled oppression in the state Legislature, but Republicans achieved a tie in the State Senate along with solid control of the state House and loosened Democrats grip down to a single (tiebreaker) thread.

Congratulations to Governor Henry(D).
Having a nice, soft spoken, non confrontave Governor is fine, (personally I'd rather have more of a leader for Oklahma values) but I'll take the Republican House control and the Senate (tie).
Yes the Lt. Gov is a Democrat and will be the tie-breaker- okay.
make the Lt. to NOT enforcing Oklahoma's (and America's) immigration laws or to end free college tuition, schools and healthcare for those in Oklahoma illegally.

Make the Lt. Gov. vote NOT to protect marriage between "man and woman".
or vote YES to allow 13 year old minors to get an abortion without parental concent,
or make her vote YES for partial birth abortions in Oklahoma.

Or "No" lawsuit reform.
Or "No" property rights,
Or "No" Home-schooling and/or Vouchers.
Or YES on higher Oklahoma taxes.

Make her break a tie and vote against Oklahomans on those issues and one more...
How about finally (after 100 years of Democrat produced roads) making the Lt. Gov vote to NOT paving Oklahoma's roads and to NOT repairing them? (Good grief they are bad)

Congratulations to Oklahomans for moving forward with a Republican Legislature for the first time in history. This move will launch Oklahoma into it's next 100 years with a brighter economic future while holding true Oklahoma values a priority.

While the rest of America was getting faked-out to the left by the liberal media on the war and on values, Oklahomans not only stayed strong, but got stronger.
Congratulations to Mary Fallin(R) be strong, you will need it.
Congratulations Oklahoma!
-Red Stater

(PS- fix the roads)


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