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Let me put this in a context you liberals out there might grasp.


Since everyone is concerned about taking care of the environment and …keeping innocent people protected from 2nd hand cigarette smoke and …from trans-fatty acids …and saving the planet from the evil ways of man…
Are you going to just sit there and let someone destroy the planet during your lifetime?

There is a worse threat that exists today than Germany was in the 1930’s.

No, not the neocons...(lol), but if you are worried about the neocon's, then pay close attention and you will see the neocon's should be the least of your worries. I'm sure that you've never heard of the Hojjatieh's who are at the center of trouble ahead.

They are basically a religious cult who is dedicated to bringing about the end of the world, has practically unlimited funding, has nuclear capability, and has access to the worlds largest oil supplies. Oh and by the way they plan on dying in the process, so unlike Hitler they don’t want to live through it.

This religious cult (with more than just a few followers) is on course with destiny to bring about the end of the world (as we know it) pardon the pun.

They don’t just want to “rule the world”, they want to “end the world”.

Your world, my world, the world.
Do you understand?
Are you still in denial, are you okay with that or do you really want to save the planet?

Please stop obsessing about how evil Bush is or whether Madonna has adopted again for a second and educate yourself on this. Don’t just take my word for it, look at what the Islamic throatcutters themselves are saying at the top of their lungs.

Here’s their plan:
1- Defeat the US in Iraq and turn Iraq into an Islamic state for terrorism.
They absolutely believe that after being defeated and running from Iraq, the US
will be too weak to save Israel and too weak to save itself.
2- Destroy Israel.
They are absolutely dedicated to the destruction of Israel and killing of all Jews
3- Destroy the oil supply to America and the free world.
Oil is their weapon and gift from Allah to defeat the great Satan (America) with.
4- Take back all Islamic territory, restore Babylon and unite the world against the US.
5- Watch America die from repeated terrorist attacks and no
Oil, while slaughtering all the remaining infidels by any means possible.
6- Welcome the return of the “12th Imam” (and the messiah).
7- “Live happily ever after” in heaven (with the virgins) for all eternity.

they are not going to just “go-away” and leave us alone. It doesn’t matter what our foreign policy is, their foreign policy is to “Kill the Infidels”. Islamic countries around the globe are teaching this religious philosophy to their children in schools called Madrassas. Go to any Muslim country and you will find an 8 year old that knows one thing in life, that is the phrase “Death to America” (even at their own death) is their destiny.

Now imagine millions of them with one purpose in life- the destruction of America and all humans on the planet to welcome the end of time.

There are in fact billions of Muslims around the world, the large majority of them have no desire to accomplish the above. This insanity can all be stopped by that majority at any time- if -they have the courage and the will.

If we are to avoid the worst World War this planet has ever seen and the extreme bloodshed and death ahead, the so-called peaceful Muslim majority MUST eliminate the evil cult elements living among them. If the majority of Muslims TRULY want peace, it is theirs to take. If they allow the “cult within” to grow and control them, then they too shall find themselves labeled as infidels and dealt with accordingly.

If it comes to that place, America WILL fight, make no mistake about it, but millions will die and the fight will make the battles in Iraq look like police skirmishes.

What MUST America and Americans do to avoid WWIII and worse?

1-We MUST win the war in Iraq understand that the Shia/Shiite are part of a much larger plan/problem and make sure Iraq does NOT turn into “terror incorporated”.
2-We MUST support the elected governments in Lebanon, Afghanistan and other countries struggling to become democratic.
America can continue to be that “shining city on the hill” to the rest of the world by standing up for liberty and freedom.
3-We MUST defeat this horrible “cancer” which grows on our planet and threatens all life …but the longer we avoid it, (or ignore it) the harder the job becomes.
4-At home we can be more aware and supportive of the war and effort of our military now that we know the REST OF THE STORY.

Forget about whether Saddam had WMD’s or not, it doesn’t matter now. It doesn't matter if Iraq is in a civil war or not. What matters is what we do with Iraq now and whether we let this cult turn it into WWIII and worse.
You can stop the comparisons to Vietnam and stop pretending/hoping we are losing.
We can all be proud of the FACT that America represents the best hope the world has to avoid a fate far worse than any global warming predictions.

So, if you love this planet (and you do) and want to protect it from destruction by evil men (and you do), then start by dealing with these guys. They plan to burn more fossil fuels in the next few years than has been burned in the entire history of fire much less by the internal combustion engine.

Get onboard and “Save the Planet/Win WWIII” (before it starts). The seals and polar Bears and spotted whatevers are counting on you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I do believe in neocons, I do, I do."

Try clapping harder, red.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

All i can do is give you the information oil, what you do with it is up to you.

You can take a horse to water...
but he may still die of thirst by worrying about the oats.

I believe in liberals too. Unfortunately I know how they think.
Americans (neocons) are the enemy, not Islamic throatcutters.

That's where we differ (again) I don't see you (lib's and Dem's) as the enemy. I see you as misguided and uninformed, but not the enemy. In fact if we (America) is to survive we must figure out how you are going to stop thinkin of me as the enemy.

Can't we agree to fight each other on social issues and taxes and stuff but NOT on protecting each other and the country?

For God's sake man, step back and take a different look at things.

That's all.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Stu Smalley said...

Red are you insane? We need to send a group of progressive Democrat leaders over to Iran to study under Iran'a visionary leadership in order to reform America to work more efficiantly like Iran.

We could learn a lot from them and in exchange provide them with "nukular' power and enrichment technology.

Iran is the key to peace in the world and the future of mankind.
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Airhead America Radio

3:01 PM  

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