Thursday, November 02, 2006

Their Dirty Little Secret?

Do liberals (and democrats) secretly want the Iraqi government to fail and the US to leave Iraq in defeat?

No, of course not.

They openly want all of the above to happen and in fact speak as though it already has happened.


Treat yourself to visiting any of the liberal blogs like air America (they all are the same and repeat the same message) and you will find nothing but US troop death counts, stories of discontent, stories of perceived US failures in Iraq, stories of perceived Iraqi government failures, discrediting the President as “stupid”, the war as immoral and corrupt, and yet nothing but a desire to understand the “insurgents”. They seem to Cheer-on the prospect of a “civil war” in Iraq, the very sound of it stirs their rebel adrenalin and you can hear the drumbeat of victory in their language.


Listen to Democrat leaders (like John Kerry who served in Vietnam) who degrade our troops at every opportunity, discredit the mission, discredit the Commander in Chief, don’t admit there is a connection to the war on terror and Iraq and calling for US troops to “cut and run” from what Osama Bin Laden himself has called the “main front in our war with the United States”. Democrats oppose listening to calls from terrorists into the US and favor letting lawyers sue members of our military on behalf of terrorists.

They have repeatedly stated that Iraq is the battleground where they will first defeat America. According to their own words, America cannot win in Iraq, America should worry about it's healthcare system not Iraq, America must change it's leadership, Americans are the terrorists, George Bush is the enemy. The "President" of Iran is on a mission to bring about the end of the world by "making the sky glow over Israel and America".
Remember, Islam is a peaceful religion.


The main-stream news media which is severely broken, is the critical link for both the terrorists AND the democrats to get their wish for America to lose. Without the media they would be sunk.

We all see it, the news always portrays the US as the “occupying force” and the terrorists as mere “insurgents”. They say it is too dangerous to report on schools, hospitals and libraries but are somehow “at the scene” of every single car-bombing or terrorist attack. CNN went so far as to air and promote a US soldier being assassinated on a terrorist-made propaganda video as “unbiased legitimate news”.

Democrats (and the terrorists) are so confident that Bush is going to lose and Democrats are going to win control of congress, they are picking out drapes in their future Washington offices (and Bhagdad).

Democrats fail to even admit that we are at war with terrorists in Iraq, so it's no wonder that there is no plan for how to win .

The left is wrong to the point of being dangerous. Some of them even think Christians pose a greater threat to them than Islamic fascist radicals and insane dictators.

They are horribly wrong, hopefully not dead wrong.
If you are American, no matter where you stand on immigration, abortion, taxes, the poor, the rich, no-matter... this is a much more important situation we are faced with.

Stand up and vote Red Stater’s. Vote to save our country and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.

It is time to overcome the terrorists, the media, Hollywood liberals and defeat the Democrats next Tuesday.

Yes, I believe our lives may very well depend on it- conservative or liberal, Red Stater or Blue Stater.


Blogger Dave said...

I can't speak for all Democrats or liberals but I don't think anyone seriously wants the government in Iraq to fail. People are very frustrated with the current administration and its handling of the war, but that does not mean people want it to fail.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

Are you talking about the illegal, immoral, corrupt war (for oil) where our troops are torturing and killing innocent Iraqi's while dying because their commander in chief is a liar and their secretary of state won't give them body armor?
You say Democtats want us to win even though all of the so called leaders of the Democrat party say we can't win? (and should "redeploy")

If the rest of the Democrats find out you feel this way, you will get the same fate as Joe Liberman and Zel Miller.

Or did you mean that you want the Iraqi government to succed as long as America (Bush) doesn't?

Sorry, but Democrats were frustrated with this administration BEFORE the 2000 election was even decided.
As far as the war goes, Democtrats have had trouble deciding which side they are on since it began.

"I voted for the $87 Billion before I voted against it".
"This is a war we cannot win"
"Saddam's torture chambers have re-opened under new management"
"By being in Iraq, we are just creating more terrorists"

I could go on and on, there are more quotes from Democrats on how we can't win in Iraq than there are Democrats.

in summary, so now the new position from Democrats is that they WANT to win the war in Iraq, but realize we can't so we should cut and run.


11:20 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

That is a nice bunch of rhetoric but nothing you have said is really addressing anything.

1) I have been an avid supporter of Joe Lieberman for a long time.

2) "Or did you mean that you want the Iraqi government to succeed as long as America (Bush) doesn't?"
No. I want the Iraqi government to succeed AND I want Bush to succeed, but that fact is that he (Bush) isn't. Yes I disagree with him on many things, but that doesn't mean I want the man to fall flat on his face.

3) The random quotes that you used.
The first one is an example of John Kerry putting his foot into his mouth.
The second is an opinion based on observation of the current situation and frankly if we do not make some changes in strategy we are not going to win.
The third is basically an extension of the sentiments of the second.
The forth is referring to actions by a small number of our military and certain policies supported by the administration that one could argue are torture. I am not doing that here and have not done that in the past. The scandals were horrible things done by specific people and are NOT examples of the way our military behaves in general.
The fifth is a position that one could argue and argue well.

4) "in summary, so now the new position from Democrats is that they WANT to win the war in Iraq, but realize we can't so we should cut and run. priceless."
This is an amazing oversimplification of a very complex situation. The world is not black and white, good and bad...there is a lot of grey. Now before you jump to conclusions, yes there is bad in the world. Also, I stated my personal opinions (hence the "I can't speak for all Democrats or liberals..."). They are my opinions and no one else’s, yet you wanted to make it seem like these are the opinions of all Democrats. I would not have the audacity to assume that you speak for all Republicans, even if your opinions mirror those of Limbaugh, Fox News, and You are an individual, as am I. Stop jumping to irrational conclusions.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

look, if you advocate putting Democrats in control then you need to own-up to what we are getting.

It's one thing to say you support Joe Liberman, but if you vote to put the Democrats in power... you didn't get Joe Libermans policy, you get John Kerry and Howard Deans policy.
(they threw Joe "under the bus")

those were all real quotes from real Democrats currently holding public office. That is what they think.

If what you say is true and you actually want Iraq to succeed and don't care who gets the credit, then vote for the one with the (R) by their name.

Rush limbaugh doesn't hold any public office nor make policy, so it doesn't really matter WHAT he thinks or says... other than his influence as a radio personality.

If he said tomorrow that we should pull out of Iraq, I would say he is crazy too...

10:30 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

"If what you say is true and you actually want Iraq to succeed and don't care who gets the credit, then vote for the one with the (R) by their name."

At the end of the day I want what is best for the country and I you believe that only politicians with R's next to their names are what is good for the country, then you have a far too simplistic view of this country, world, and politics in general. It's this kind of partisan crap that has gotten us into the ugly mess that we are in.

5:33 PM  

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