Saturday, November 18, 2006

We Need Bi-Partisan Cooperation


Democrat House Speaker Nancy (“Bush is a Liar”) Pelosi, Senate leader Harry (“Bush is an idiot”) Reid and party chairman (but not official spokesman) Howard (“Republicans are all evil”) Dean called for “bipartisan cooperation” and an “end to negative rhetoric” and dirty politics following the big Democratic win.

Sure, Okay, no problem. "Bi-Partisan" you say?

How about the same kind of Bi-Partisan cooperation you have provided President Bush and Republicans with for the past 6 years?

Would that be a good example to use as a template for "Bi-Partisanship"?

So, lets begin the “Bi-partisan” "cooperation".

Together let’s solve the problems below, shall we?

Please allow me to “disagree with your policies”, as you Democrats love to say.


Democrats and liberals are pathological liars.

They lie to themselves, to each other, to minorities, to the poor, to the sick, to all of us.

Democrats are corrupt, power-hungry self centered, egotistical, shallow, “holier than thou”, part-time religious, part-time atheists, who believe it is their RIGHT to be in power.

Democrats preach tolerance but are not tolerant of anyone who disagrees.

Any view that opposes Democrats view is attacked as "Neanderthal" or Racist and any person that disagrees is slandered and professionally destroyed. (unless they win a vital Senate seat in Connecticut)

Democrats "debate" opponents by calling everyone else a liar that doesn’t agree with them.

Meanwhile, Democrats lie, change their position, say or do anything, lie some more and change their position again to get elected, even if it damages America. (“I voted for the $87Bil before I voted against it”)

Democrats lie to the terminally ill and sick people by claiming to have cures for incurable diseases (“if only Democrats could get elected, Parkinsons disease would be cured”).

Democrats have lied to minorities during 50 straight years of total legislative control and never helped anyone but themselves. Democrats claim there are more poor people than ever before. If so, they are a total failure and should apologize to millions of Americans they betrayed and reconsider the “failed policies” of the Democrat party.


Democrats are the racists by using race to divide Americans and get Democrats elected.

Republicans don’t care what color you are, you have exactly the same rights as everyone else. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Civil Rights legislation in the 1960’s was presented by the then minority party… the Republicans, and passed by both parties.

Democrats lie to poor people and never help them. (50 years of control, there should be no poor people, but then Democrats would be out of business)

Democrats are corrupt. They steal, cheat, lie and use the sick, poor and minorities to gain power and then keep them there, …Hoping and voting, voting and hoping… forever.

Democrats built their power and personal wealth of off the hopes of the poor and minorities that have remained enslaved under Democrat slavery for generations.

The real “culture of corruption” is found in the Democrat party, Republicans are small-time compared to Democrats.

Democrats attempted to steal the 2000 election by counting invalid votes that could not be counted in Florida and NOT COUNTING military votes from US troops serving outside the US.

Democrats tried to steal the 2004 election by signing up fake voters via AACORN.

Democrats stole the 2006 mid-term elections by signing up dead people to vote 3 or 4 times via different addresses and other methods of fraud and media cooperation which suppressed Republican voters.


Were Democrats behind the September 11th attacks to get even with Bush for stealing the election?

Did Democrats know about the September 11th attacks but did nothing to stop it?

Can Democrats prove that they weren’t behind the attacks or didn’t know about them in advance”)

Did Clinton let Bin Laden go free because he knew the attacks wouldn't come until after he was out of office? (PR over National Security)

If Bush lied, then Democrats “lied” about Iraq too (voted for the war and claimed Saddam had WMD). Did BOTH parties lie to go to war for oil?

Did the Democrats blow up the levies in New Orleans and blame it on Bush?

What did Mayor Nagen know and when did he know it?

Democrat campaign finance money missing. Where is all the money Howard?

Why did the FBI find $90,000.00 cash in Democrat congressman William Jefferson’s freezer?


Democrats actually side with the terrorists to avoid agreeing with Bush.

Democrat policies support Terrorists rights over Americans rights.

Democrats are creating more terrorists by encouraging them to win in Iraq.

And why are terrorists cheering Democrats winning control of the Legislature?

Democrats provide terrorists with untapped phone calls to the US.

Why don’t Democrats want America to win the war?

Why don’t Democrats admit we are even in a war?


Democrats want 13 year old girls to be able to get an abortion without parental notification.

Democrats favor abortion over birth control education.

Democrats support illegal immigration, free healthcare and open borders. C’mon in! (vote Democrat)

Democrats are nothing but a bunch of communists, socialists and Hollywood liberals and a few honest old-school Democrats all rolled into one nasty mess. (with apologies to any honest old-school Democrats out there)


Liberals and the News Media (same thing) fooled just enough voters into thinking they were electing a JFK (John F Kennedy) type Democrat party but what we got is a jfk (John F Kerry) type Democrat party in control.

Welcome to the United States of France.

God help us.

There, that was nice.

How was that for BI-partisanship?

Oh, you meant non-partisanship?

Wow, That’s totally different.

Sorry, it’s too late for non-partisanship you bunch of hypocritical liars.

You should have proposed that about 5 or 6 years ago.



Blogger Dave said...

Two things...

1) What's up with the "supportEmptyParas" stuff? It looks like misplaced code or something.

2) We do need both the Republicans and the Democrats to be bi-partisan but the reality is that both are bad at it. Both parties talk about being bi-partisan but both are more concerned with their own agendas and their own power. It's pretty disgusting honestly.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

1- must be a problem with your puter
2-you missed the point of my post.

Bi-partisan means BOTH sides are partisan.

NON-partisan means "not partisan" which is what you (and Democrats) are suddenly promoting.

Sorry, but I don't want Republicans selling out on their principals in order to get things accomplished for the "other side" and I am willing to bet (you) and Democrats would say the same thing.

So, this whole "bi-partisan" baloney is just empty Rhetoric.
If you have a two (or 3) party system in which all sides agree on all the issues, then you really don't have a 2 (or 3) party system do you?

All this "bi-partisan" talk is just a way for Democrats to show their hypocracy.
They weren't interested in anything non-partisan before they won control.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Hmmm...I'm using a computer at work. I'll see if it does the dame thing at home. Your posts from today don't have it. Weird.

I did miss the bi- vs. non- thing (who's perfect).

Let me ask you a question. Do you truly believe that all Democrats are hypocrites? Subsequently do you believe that all Republicans are beyond reproach?

I'm not trying to be an ass or start a fight or anything like that, I'm seriously curious. The rhetoric that I have read on your site seems to boil down to GOP/conservatives = good and Dems/liberals = bad. Is this what you truly think? And by you I mean you personally, not Republicans or conservatives as a whole. I have a very hard time seeing the world in black and white and I don't understand how others do. I don't get Michael Savages hatred of liberals just like I don't get Michael Moore's hatred of conservatives. That kind of thinking is simple minded and just dumbs down our society, let alone our political process.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

Hey dave,
no of course i don't think that all Democrats are anything other than misled.

I do know that the Democrat party leader Howard Dean DOES say that ALL Republicans are "evil, racist liars that have never held a job".

My post only reverses EVERY single accusation Dems have made about Republicans, so does it really matter what I think about Dems when they freely admit what they think about us?

When I speak of Democrats, I am talking about the party leadership and the politicians usually, but if you want to read some ONE-SIDED thinking go visit air america or air america place or OKIE BLUES...the liberal blogers are not fair, balanced or kind.
I seek to bring balance.


I bring balance.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

"Hey dave,
no of course i don't think that all Democrats are anything other than misled."
You, sir, are very biased.
Do you honestly think that the Republicans aren't 'misled' sometimes? Lately I would say several people in your party have been 'misled'. The scandal that has happened lately has been several times the amount of the Dems.
Your post is the most biased bullshit I've read in a while. You say "Democrats are .., part-time religious, part-time atheists," I don't have time to go through and address everything you have said, but this particular statement is complete bullshit. Just because Democrats (mostly) believe in freedom of religion and separation of church and state does not mean that they are Atheist. I know several Dems who are very religious, but they don't believe in shoving their beliefs down others' throats. What's wrong with that? What do you want? You want someone to make your religion the 'national fucking religion'? That should never happen as we all have our own beliefs and might I add NONE of us can prove or disprove most of them.

BTW, my computer isn't having any issues and I am seeing the same
[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]

1:40 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

By the way, one of my friends who viewed your log used Firefox and didn't get "supportEmptyParas" stuff. In IE, it does show this throughout the blog. Just thought I'd let you know.

1:54 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

Thanks very much Anthony, I'll check into it.
(I use mozilla myself, don't know if it makes a dif.)

9:58 AM  

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