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Home Team Announcers Needed


Every sports fan has a favorite local college or pro sports team announcer that covers their team. I’m talking about the television or radio announcers and not the stadium/arena announcer.

Most of them are merely so-called “homers” (like Harry Doyle in Major League I & II) who paint a rosy picture for “home-team” fans every game and make the other team look like escape convicts with deadly communicable diseases, and then there are the respectful but truthful announcers who give you the whole story (good, bad and ugly) but still from your teams perspective none the less.
(Who in their right mind would want to listen to a home-team announcer that hates the home team?)

My personal favorite is Mike Haynes with the Colorado Avalanche NHL Hockey team. Having lived in Colorado for well over 20 years, I remember the great Bob Martin of the Denver Broncos NFL Football team and later Dave Logan did a great job without being a shill for the team. Here in Oklahoma us older fans remember the great Bob Barry and now have Bob Barry Jr.
(Note: Bob Ueker photo above, unlike the character "Harry Doyle", is considered to be a great objective announcer) There is a big difference between objective and adversarial however.

Objective announcers like Haynes still give fans all the happenings (including bad news) from a home-team prospective without being a homer. He loves his team, but loves the integrity of the game more. He knows the opposing team players better than their own home-team announcers know them in many cases.

Speaking of which, (opposing team announcers) have you ever listened to a partisan opposing team announcer (like Harry Doyle) when YOUR team is playing against them?
It will drive you mad.

They twist every play to illustrate how YOUR TEAM is losing (no matter the scoreboard). They mispronounce the names and overlook big plays by your team while focusing only on what is going wrong for your team.
It’s frustrating to listen to (or watch).

So I wonder,… since (for me) listening to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC news is just like listening to away-team announcers, ...then…(for liberals), is listening or watching Fox News like watching the away-team announcers to them?

They claim to support the troops but not the mission, which is impossible... it's like saying you support the players but not the coach, the team or the game.

Every time Fox points out something positive about Bush, the economy or our military, do liberals feel like the away team just scored and the announcer is rubbing it in?
They must, judging by their reactions.

And every time CNN shows videos provided by terrorists depicting US troops getting shot and killed do liberals feel like their team just scored a victory? (It seems that way)

Or what about stories of alleged prisoner abuse by our military, or terrorist successes like bombings, or claims of a “civil war”, … are those also points scored for the liberal’s team?
It must be.
Judging by the running totals kept on dead US soldiers by many liberal bloggers and their frenzy over anything that might prove to be anti-Bush or anti-war, …they indeed do cheer for the “other side” vs America.
Judging by the mainstream news media’s eagerness to run anti-American stories without checking sources (or if necessary using FAKE SOURCES), they cheer for the “other side” vs America.

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the AP along with the print media are all simply “away team” announcers hoping for the home team (America) to do something-anything that the media can capitalize on to feed their faithful following and defeat Bush.
They do this under the guise of “objectivity”.
“Objective” is not the proper word for them. The correct word is “adversary”, as they are not objective… but instead are "subjectively adversarial".
The news media views BUSH and conservatives as the adversary (not democrats and not terrorists) and it shows up every day in their broadcasts.

I would like to see more “journalists” do the news according to the home-team perspective and not according to the terrorist’s perspective for a change. (no- not as government shills, but not as an adversary either)

I think it's about time for another home team announcer (news network) to come onto the scene.
Limbaugh, Hannity and conservative radio talk-show hosts are great and provide a muchly needed debunking service, but we need more mainstream news organizations that gives us the news from an American perspective… and less that give us every other perspective- except America's.

What about Fox News?
Fox is under pressure to continue be “fair and balanced” and they are.
Fox News is on the right track, but we need more home-team reporting besides one cable news outlet. (Note: Fox News is STILL the MOST watched cable news on television by a large margin) If success is any gauge, the numbers say that Americans are craving more news from an American perspective... not less.

Fox tells BOTH SIDES of a story and (for that) still gets labeled as right-wing by the rest of the news media since ALL of the other news programs are completely-100% one-sided (for the other side). We need more home-team channels and fewer away team channels.

As it is now, they are almost all Harry Doyle type “homers”, announcing for the “away team”.


We need more home-team announcers reporting the news- “fair and balanced”.

And yet the left has the nerve to claim the entire news media is controlled by Bush…lol now that’s funny.

Yeah, that’s why Bush's poll numbers are so low… because he controls the media...right.

And now, back to “the game” sports fans…

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Blogger avandeg said...

No thank you. I don't need your help to get the truth out there.

Your anger is likely to kill you. Seek help. There are people to talk to out there about this problem.

6:03 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

hey you with the earmuffs... you're just posting the same retarded comment over and over in every section.(lol)

better my "anger"(lol) killing me (die laughing) than to be killed by the throatcutters or suiciders because braindead partisan hacks like you hate BUSH more than you love life.

and finally, like i said before to this same comment...
It's good to know there is help out there for me, but unfortunately for you,... they can't fix stupid.


9:08 AM  
Blogger avandeg said...

Your anger is your hatred of the rest of the world. Your isolationism and xenophobia are destroying our country. Your arrogance is what allows you to demonize Muslims.

Suiciders. I thought that term was only used by our learning disabled president. We fixed the "suicider" problem with a $50 lock on the cabin doors of airplanes. Now we've spent billions increasing security in airports around the world and those terrorists are sitting back and laughing while we spend an extra 45 minutes every time we fly somewhere.

Bin Laden attacked us because of our presence in Saudi Arabia. We appeased him by leaving right after 9/11. We've locked our troops in a trap in Iraq where we can't use them anywhere else. It's creating dissent within our country against our government and reducing recruitment into armed services. It keeps us from building our military more elsewhere, and it gives their guerrillas an easy (and close) target. We're doing exactly what Bin Laden wants us to. Makes sense. The Bin Ladens and Bushes are close family friends. Probably planned this all out from the start.

Now you're complicit. You're killing Americans. You're the problem.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

"The Bin Ladens and Bushes are close family friends. Probably planned this all out from the start".

The moonbats are out tonight....whew.

12:35 AM  

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