Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey Liberals... part 4

In keeping with my word, (see image left) here is another pro Democrat post and perhaps the nicest thing I can say to liberals and Democrats.
I'm going to criticize President Bush and compliment Democrats in one post.
Two for the price of one- Tuesday.

Besides the war on terror/Islamic Fascism , the second biggest issue for many Red Staters is "Illegal Immigration".
The President and the Republican majority in Congress have failed America in this regard.
Many of the Democrats who won last month in the mid-term elections, did so (in part) due to their stance on the borders and controlling illegal immigration.

Dan Stein of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) has this to say.
"FAIR is calling upon the newly elected Democrats and the new congressional leadership to honor the promises that they made to dissatisfied voters all across the country to implement effective policies against illegal immigration. “When candidates promised that they would ‘get tough on illegal immigration,’ voters understood this to mean that they would enforce our borders, crackdown on employers, and create real deterrents to illegal immigration. If there was a single newly elected Democratic legislator who ran on a platform of amnesty for illegal aliens and massive new foreign guest worker programs, we are not aware of it,” said Stein.

In my opinion (Red Stater) Republicans lost a lot of voter confidence in Red States when they failed to do ANYTHING about securing the borders or controlling illegal immigration or enforcing immigration laws.
Big mistake.

Being pro-Victory in Iraq and all, I certainly understand the President's focus on the war. However, his lack of interest in pressing congress to act on border security along with his support for a type of amnesty for illegal aliens currently in America (illegally) causes many Red Staters to shake our heads.

Securing the borders IS an important element of the war on terror and keeping Americans safe from weapons and materials that could easily come across either of our borders. Securing the borders is a part of the war... an important part and Republicans (along with the President) have failed to do anything (until passing the 700 mile fence deal) until recently.

The real bad news for Republicans and conservatives alike is that Democrats can take a perceived edge into the 2008 Presidential elections on one of the top key issues for most Americans.
From the Arizona Republic Newspaper...
"Luis Miranda, a Democratic National Committee spokesman, stopped short of acknowledging there is a concerted strategy by the party and its candidates to seize on immigration as a potential wedge issue. But he said the Bush administration and Republicans who control both chambers of Congress "haven't addressed the need for comprehensive immigration reform . . . leaving states in a bind."

Thats it... there ya' go.
...unless there are more progressive liberals out there who wanna' keep me writing good stuff about Democrats .

So how about it...
Victory in Iraq?
"All aboard"...?


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