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There is no-help for Democrat congressman Sylvestre Reyes, (he already flunked) but for all you OTHER incompetent, corrupt, bumbling, stumbling cronies about to be anointed by your fellow cronies to important leadership positions that MIGHT have something to do with "Intelligence" and the war on "terror"…this is for you.

This might be helpful for anti-war liberals also, so, here ya’ go "Sports Fans", in terms that hopefully you will understand. (no charge)
Note: If you are a "Save The Planet" person, go here instead.

(...brought to you by- “The Religion of Peace”)

Don't miss the “Battle of the Millennium”
... maybe the “Last Battle” -period

The Jihad Bowl- Iraq: Where defeat or retreat means death and where Victory means living in freedom, it’s the ultimate no-holds-barred struggle (jihad) between the civilized world and anti-civilization, between religious cults and freedom-of-religion, between infidels and imbeciles, between the modern free-world and dark-age, mid-evil theocracies.

And now, a few words from the official Jihad Bowl sponsor-
"Convert or die, infidels"
(brought to you by The Religion of Peace).

Now, A brief buildup of "The Rivalry"
The intense dispute and hatred between the Islamic/Muslim Sunni radicals and the even more radical Islamic/Muslim Shia "Twelvers" goes back centuries. It is safe to say they disagree on who should rule Islam (and the world), but they do agree on one thing, which is the defeat of America at any cost.

The Introduction of the Teams and Key Players:
The Jihad Bowl features a lot of teams but here are the primary combatants...

On one side we have- The Sunni "Throatcutters":

Formerly the home-team in Saddam’s Iraq, The Sunni Throatcutters now feature none other than Al Qaeda on offense joined by former Saddam Sunni loyalists along with the infamous Hamas Sunni’s on offense/defense. Special teams provided by The Muslim Brotherhood, the Turkish Development Party and radical Sunni loyalists from Syria. Big name Sunni stars include Osama Bin Laden and Zarqawi (pictured) and Saddam Hussein (penalty box).
(Allah is great, Sunni’s are number one, death to America- "Go Throatcutters Go")
I’ll spare you the rest of the team cheers.

On the other side we have- The Shia Suiciders:

The “visiting team” is the Iranian backed Shia Suiciders coached by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad featuring his Twelvers and the 12th Imam offense along with local Iraqi Shiite extremists oppressed by Saddam and the infamous Hezbollah Shiites. Special teams are provided by the Hojjatieh Shiites, who are instigators in the battle in the trenches of Iraq between Shia Suiciders and Sunni Throatcutters. The Hojjatieh and the Twelvers won’t be satisfied with just rubbing out the Sunni, destroying America or with world domination, it’s Armageddon or bust for these fanatics.
(praise allah, Shi’ites are number one, death to America- "GoooOOO Suiciders")
Again, I’ll spare you the official team cheers.

Important Safety Tip: Throatcutters can also blow themselves up to kill you and Suiciders can also slit your throat. Either team could have been called either name... or "bombers".
will happily drag your dead body around town behind their 1985 Toyota Pickups.

In the center of Jihad Bowl and new home team is The new free Iraq, supported by America led by President George W Bush and the United States Armed Forces, on behalf of the rest of the free world. After the US removed the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein from power and captured him, the opportunistic cultists slithered out of their caves and across neighboring borders to fight against America and take over Iraq.

America cannot afford to lose and let that happen

Iraqis have held free elections and demonstrated CLEARLY that they prefer to be a democratic partner in the global war on terror not a contributor to terrorism.

America MUST stand behind this fragile democracy and these brave people in their hour of need.

Time Out for an important message from Jihad Bowl sponsor "the religion of peace".
"Death to America".
... now back to -Jihad Bowl- Iraq:

Key Fact-ors in Jihad Bowl- Iraq:

1- The Sunni AND the Shi’tes want to destroy each other less than they both want to destroy America (and Israel).

2- The Sunni (Al Qaeda & Co.) want sole control of Iraq from which to expand their Islamic rule and launch attacks on the Shi’ites and Israel and ultimately America. (The Sunni have access to Saddam’s leftover and hidden goodies)

3- The Shi’ites (Iran & Co.) want sole control of Iraq from which to expand their Islamic rule (and destruction) of the world by way of launching attacks on Israel and America and bringing about the Armageddon. (The Shiites in Iran are getting nukes)

Summary: Both Throatcutters and Suiciders want sole control of Iraq from which to (“spread the religion of peace”) ie; launch attacks on the rest of the world.

Neither the Sunni extremists OR the Shia extremists can afford a US victory and/or Democratic Iraq. A US victory means no Islamic rule over the entire middle-east and makes recruiting new players for a losing cause much tougher.

Likewise, the US (and the free world) cannot afford for any of these Islamic extremists to defeat a democratic Iraq and America.

NOTE: There are millions of Muslims (including sunni and shia) who do notsubscribe to either of these extremist cult views, but unfortunately all of the extremist cults consider those Muslims as "infidels" who must also be death. Muslim tolerance of the intolerable is unacceptable. The so-called Peace Loving Muslims MUST turn against this cancer growing within their own religion to save their own lives (as well as ours).

So, if it comes up on a test (again) remember;
Al Qaeda including Osama Bin Laden and Zarqawi are (Salafy) Sunni.
Hamas is Sunni and Saddam Hussein is (Ba’athist) Sunni.

Ahmadinejad and the Hojjatieh along with Hezbollah are Shia/Shi’ites.

Sure these extremist Sunni's and Shi'ites hate each other, but they ALL hate America more.


If you are against the war and want America out of Iraq NOW, then pick one from below.
A: Cut and Run and let the Sunni's win Iraq where they launch more 9/11 type attacks.
B: Cut and Run and let the Shi'ites win Iraq where they launch nuclear attacks.
C: Cut and Run and let them try and work together to launch a multitude of attacks.
D: Cut and run, lose the war and face Armageddon.
Z: (here's an idea) choose Victory.


Be "pro-choice" and choose Victory in the Jihad Bowl

The Jihad Bowl is brought to you by... The Religion of Peace, who reminds us all to...
"Praise Allah or die"

Now do you get it?
It's not a game, it's not politics, it's your life.

Disclaimer for Liberals:
The terms "Throatcutters" and "Suiciders" are used as unofficial Jihad Bowl “team mascot” examples only and are not meant to be hurtful remarks. Like the Raiders or the Gunslingers or the Junkyard Dogs, these are terms of endearment by their fans, just kicked up a notch and these terms are not meant to imply that anyone would actually cut someone’s throat or that anyone would actually blow themselves up in order to kill innocent people. Any resemblance to any persons real or otherwise is purely coincidental. Shia and Sunni relationships are simplified for this illustration realizing there are factions among each that are rivals within each group.

But if you are a “throatcutter”, or a “suicider” and you were offended by my remarks, - GOOD.

According to Red Stater


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Blogger Bromide1937 said...

How many of us are on Lefty's hate list? Glad to be with you.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

lol...yes, you evil conservative... same here.
I'm with ya' brother, i'll put a link up to your site.

11:20 AM  
Blogger avandeg said...

No thank you. I don't need your help to get the truth out there.

Your anger is likely to kill you. Seek help. There are people to talk to out there about this problem.

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