Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Perfect Democrat

Just to satisfy all you liberal nay-sayers who claim Red Stater is just a partisan Bush fan, I think there are some very intelligent Democrats out there that, if we could evolve them all into ONE upright walking candidate, might get my vote.

So give me a candidate(s) that represents these combined views and we have a deal.

Iraq/War on Terror: Senator Joe Liberman (D), Former NY City Mayor Ed Koch (D) and Zell Miller (D) have it right for the most part. (John Kerry was right before he was wrong)

Taxes: Zell Miller (D) and John F. Kennedy(D) had it right. (Neither would be allowed in todays Democrat party however)

Abortion: The Pro-Life Democrats have it about right. (yes there are pro-life Dems)

Gay Marriage: John F Kerry had it right (unless he flip-flopped again while I wasn't looking)

Illegal Immigration: Arizona's Gabrielle Giffords (D)and her county Democrat Party Chairman Victor Walker have it right. (They live near the Mexican border, not in Washington)

2nd Ammendment Rights/Gun Control: Oklahoma's Democrat Governor Brad Henry has it right.

Accountability in Schools: Teddy Kennedy had it right (before he turned it into a political football)

Corruption and Ethics: hmmmm still looking,... how about Joe Liberman again, he seems like a stand -up ethical guy.
But then again he isn't really a Democrat any more is he?
He's still the closest thing the Democrats have to "ethical" even if he is a Independant now.

So there ya' go. Nothing but glorious reviews for Democrats (and former Democrats) from Red Stater.

Now don't even TRY to tell me that Barack Hussein Obama is the real deal. (lol)
He's not even close.

So, put up a pro-war, pro-life, small government, low taxes, traditional marriage, gun-totin', border securing, pro-english, ETHICAL Democrat and he/she has my vote in 2008.

Otherwise, I'm going with the "other" candidates that happens to agree with the above Democrats on all (or most) of those specific issues.

See, I didn't bash Democrats and even 0ffered to vote for one if he/she only existed.
Guess I'll have to wait for one to ..."evolve".

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Blogger avandeg said...

No thank you. I don't need your help to get the truth out there.

Your anger is likely to kill you. Seek help. There are people to talk to out there about this problem.

6:04 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

"no thank you"...?
there wasn't a question for you to respond to.
hello? ...HELLO?
maybe you could hear me if you
ahhh... this it too easy...lmao

9:38 AM  

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