Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Useful Idiots

While it is debatable whether Lennin, Stalin or Trotsky coined the phrase "Useful Idiots", what's not debatable is that "useful idiots" do exist and play a significant role in any/every plan (strateegery) to defeat America for nearly a century.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or Nukular Fizicyst) to understand that if you are going to bring about the defeat and destruction of America, you're gonna need some "inside help".

Understanding of course that aside from those working actively inside America who are aware of the goal, you must have the help of a good portion of the population who is unaware of the real goal and believe the enemy poses no threat, but that it is their own government who poses the threat. If the American citizens don't believe or trust their govenment, the job of defeating America becomes much less daunting.

Hollywood has provided a steady supply of helpers over the years who are always anxious to promote the defeat of their own country. Hanoi Jane is but one example in history, but there are currently hundreds preaching their "politics" to the masses every single day. ie: Useful Idiots.

The media in America will comply with the goal of defeating of America as the natural relationship between media and government is an adversarial one and based on distrust. The media is the tool with which the seeds of discontent and distrust are sown to bloom throughout the population. The news media is our enemy's "best friend" without ever realizing it nor caring. It's not their job to defend America, and they won't. ie: Useful Idiots.

To defeat America, you will need funding and weapons from other countries unaware or unwilling to care where that money (and weapons) is going (along with your own sources of revenue like drugs and counterfitting). Corrupt capitolists who believe their own government is the enemy along with socialist friendly countries are ideal for providing the funding. These countries would like to see the defeat and destruction of America, but don't actively participate. ie: Useful Idiots.

You need inside help from actual members of the U.S. government(see pic above). Using existing political power struggles and natural differences between politicians elected to office by the American people, these simpletons can and will for their own gain and power oppose their own government during a time of war and ignore real threats since they don't believe a threat exists (or oppose all war altogether). Some will deny (during a war) that the enemy even exists. Many US politicians favor more socialist policies which is exploited to the enemies advantage. ie: Useful Idiots.

Those who unwittingly, out of ignorance and hatred or perhaps blind rebellion or "journalistic objectivity", or political power, assist an enemy(s) in the defeat of their own country and perhaps the world. ie: Useful Idiot.

So, there is only one question for all you "idiots" out there.
Do you feel like you've been "useful" or a "usedfool"?

Useful Idiot UPDATE: 12/6/06 Add to the list- "A high-powered, bi-partisan panel commissioned by Congress" who's recommendation is.... we're not winning so, "cut and run" by 2008.
The word VICTORY is not used in the report and neither is the phrase "civil war".
Panel member and longtime UI Sandra Day O'Conner (Supreme Court Justice) called on those in the media to spread the message to the American people from this all encompassing, all-knowing, all-enclusive report published by this bi-partisan, consensus calling on Iran and Syria to secure Democracy and peace in the region while the US gets the heck out.
Brilliant. Why don't we invite N. Korea to help "fix Iraq" too... might as well.
If there is anything in these recommendations that will help WIN and assure VICTORY, then I'm all for it.


Blogger Logipundit said...

My favorite is the Gates lovefest.

"Wait!! He said we weren't winning! We love him!!!!"

I think he could have seriously suggested with a straight face that every Senator strip naked and run down the streets of Baghdad, and they would nod seriously over their bifocals.

All they wanted to hear was, "we're losing"

Thanks for visiting Logipundit.com

Just added your blog on my bloglist.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

thanks logi,
I'll return the favor.

Ya' gotta love the iraqi commission report too... the left is taking it as law and the President is taking it as mostly worthless, but he will be nice about it.
How about that tony snow on david gregory buttwhoopin'.
Snow may be the "best ever" press secretary.

thanks for stoppin' by,
catch ya later.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you to make comments about Democrats and/or liberals without name calling? Any good points you might make get completely lost in the mud slinging. And before you say it, I have given this same criticism to liberals who partake in this type of behavior.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

sure, any mouse, ...oops, is that still "name calling" when "anonymous" (no name) is your "name"?

anyway...maybe you should spend more time reading what i have written.

This "name calling" you speak of...
what have liberals called the President? Liar, corrupt, rasist, ...nazi? and that's just for starters.

I have referred to a few Bush-hating,liberal, partisan, whacko, moonbats as just "moonbats" and that probably wasn't fair.

5:52 PM  

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