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NEW LOOK, Same 'Ol Red

You Can Call Me "Red" or You can Call Me...

Out of respect for other bloggers who were using the name "Red Stater" like The Red Stater and similar redstater blogs before I came along, I will clarify and distinguish myself so there is no confusion about who is writing what-when and where.
First, a brief history...
I originally used the "login name" Red Stater (before I had a weblog) to post a comment over at Air America alfranken blogs a couple years ago (see my Kevlar Underwear Post)...where I was promptly banned and changed my login name to "red's tater" when I went to their sister blog Air America Place... where I was promptly banned.
I never cursed or called them any names (not even moonbat) while they spewed the most vile hatred possible, so I was the one banned... it turns out that conservative views are considered "hate speech". (they need a disclaimer)

Their one-sided restriction on ideas and views at a place (blog comment board) where ideas and views are the only thing relevant was insulting and motivating.
So, I decided to have my own blog where I knew the chances of me getting banned for standing up for what I believe was "significantly less".
"Red Stater" was born and even though I had done searches for the name "red stater" in an effort to not copy something 100 other bloggers were doing, I later found that The Red Stater and a few others had been around for a while.

I have had no conversation with any of the other "red stater" bloggers about this, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while.
If Madonna (Marge or whatever) and The artist formerly known as "Prince" can do it...

You can call me Red or you can call me Red S or you can call me redstater or you can call me Red's Tater or you can just call me Tater...but ya' doesn't have to call me Red Stater, unless ya' want to.

Hope this clears things up.
-tater, red s

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Blogger Dave said...

"I never cursed or called them any names (not even moonbat) while they spewed the most vile hatred possible, so I was the one banned... it turns out that conservative views are considered "hate speech". (they need a disclaimer)"

I know how you feel Red. I was banned twice from RedState.com for nothing more than voicing a descenting opinion. I guess I’m guilty of “hate speech” too.

I checked out The Red Stater blog (http://redstater.blogspot.com/) and there hasn't been a post since July 2006, so I don't think you have to worry about him wanting his name back.

11:41 PM  
Blogger Otter said...

It sure is silly what is considered hate speech these days, isn't it?

10:07 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

thanks dave...

I've never been over to redstate.com that i recall..but they were wrong to ban you under those conditions and from what i know about you.

I figure the more I let idiots see their own words the more likely they might realize how insane they are... what I am forgetting is that most of these people learned to write but apparently can't read.

but here's the way I look at it,...
(with apologies to david carradine and quinton tarantino sp?)

...On the subject of Bush, some people are totally and utterly incapable of telling the truth...
And, (on the subject of Bush), other people are totally and utterly incapable of believing anything those people say (or write in this case).

However neither has claim to "the indisputable truth"...(dart).

At least you and I agree on ONE simple thing and from there other agreements shall be established.

It's impossible to have a debate about victory or defeat or strategy with people like aaron or even Professor Payne for that matter when they won't even admit we are in a war and won't recognize facts like the size and goal of Islamic fascism.

It's like advocating negotiating with terrorists (Islamic fascist totalitarian regimes and groups) who's goal is to kill you.
What is to negotiate?
Okay, Only kill half of us or maybe 1/3?

How about giving them a bazillion dollars to leave us alone... do they think that would work?

It is disturbing that people can be that brain dead and not on a feeding tube with their ex-spouse and his/her "NEW FRIENDS" standing on the oxygen hose.

But that's another story...

10:12 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

hey otter, didn't see ya there...
G'day to ya... thanks for stopping by.

...talking about hate speech... i have been working on a post for a few days now that might be considered as such by some... coming soon.

"Nearly 5 million dead since the war in Iraq began"

11:06 AM  
Blogger gregrocker said...

Since you inbreeds only talk with other hicks, you don't know how to act around evolved, non-knuckle dragging people. You don't realize that blathering on with discredited right wing talking points doesn't have to necessarily be belligerant to rate you as a reject. Your ignorance does the job in itself. This is like in college when the right wing know-it-all puffs himself up and starts quoting Rush, he seems oblivous to the girls moving quickly away from him, the professor rolling his eyes, and the rest of the students reacting as though someone is passing gas. If he notices, it is only confirmation that he is amongst demon liberals. It never occurs to him that all of his blatherings about Iraqi chemical weapons, tax cuts yielding more revenues, etc. are discredited mythology that only drooling moonies repeat. Then you bully because you know you are wrong, and you're mad about it. But now America has your number: we know you are phony patriots most of whom dodged the draft or didn't serve while you expect working people to send their kids to die for your failed dreams of empire. We know you beat ur wives (four now for Rush...) and children, like the Christian Coalition President from S.C. who molested his daughter Susan Smith. In fact, there isn't a one of you who if scratched doesn't reveal a complete and utter fraudulence as repulsive as your flatulent utterings. You're finished, museum pieces. Die! before you kill any more innocents. PIGS!

9:01 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

speaking of hate speech... greg rocker calling oklahoma lefty and otter "knuckle dragging inbread hicks"?

You braindead bird-dog, I primarily talk to LIBERALS on here,(look in the comments) but by responding to your insane rant I have now also talked to a real live knuckle dragging inbread hick- moonbat!

Excellent job of demonstrating the debating ability and reasoning skills of moonbats.
keep up the great work.
BTW, if there is a job opening for a professor at UL, I'll put in a good word for ya'.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

Oh and greg, since you are oviously interested in preventing the killing of innocents... be sure to stop back by and read my upcoming post on 5 million innocent victims dead since the start of the war...
coming SOON.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Otter said...

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a 'hick' refers to a "person regarded as gullible or provincial."
I sure as hell am not gullible. As far as being provincial which from what I understand basically means unsophisticated I would probably have to say guilty as charged.
However, according to Princeton University Press, the word 'hick' means "not very intelligent or interested in culture."
In this case, I would certainly have to disagree with being a hick. I consider myself to be of at least somewhat intelligent while I am most certainly interested in culture.
That's my two cents worth.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

WOW, with so many to choose from (wife beating, inbread, knuckle dragging, redneck, ignrorant, drooling moonies?, draft dodging, phony patriot, fraudulent, hicks ...who should "Die".)

"hick" seemed like about the nicest thing he said in the entire thing to me.(lol)

At least the "hick" is a good guy that cares about people and would give you the "shirt off his back" so to speak. In fact Gomer Pyle was a heck of a hick who at least knew right from wrong.

I drew a very good lottery number (346)and went to college on baseball scholarship.
One of my very best friends in highschool (we played in a rock band together)drew number 13 in the lottery. He served 4 complete tours in Vietnam as a tailgunner on a helicopter...got out, came home and was killed on his motorcycle 2 miles from his house within a year.

I do understand the cost of war and also understand the honor of serving.
I thank all those who do so.

greg shouldn't worry, we all will in fact die...
some will die fighting for our freedom but most of us will die in the peace and safety provided by the sacrifices of those who fight.

That is why it is in all our best interest (knuckle dragging inbreads and all) to come together and support the VICTORY of our military wherever they may be.


12:43 PM  

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