Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush to Terrorists... We're Coming to Get Ya'

After hearing all of the ideas from all of the so-called experts, what's the new plan for Iraq?

(see photo above for answer)

It may not be what liberals and Democrats wanted, but President Bush outlined the new strategy and plan for Iraq.
It involves adding 20,000+ US troops to achieve the universally accepted 1:50 ratio while changing the rules of engagement allowing those troops to better assist the Iraqi Army in controlling the violence and a strong committment from the Iraqi government to control Iraq by November 2007. It involves controlling the borders between Iran, Syria and Iraq and engaging foreign fighters who are now assisting insurgents coming into Iraq and even striking groups outside Iraq who are involved in the terrorist based violence there.

Bush to terrorists... Not only are we not going to "cut and run", we are sending (turning loose) 20,000 MORE US warriors who are coming to hunt you down and kill you. You can run but you cannot hide any longer.
Every battleplan for every war has changed throughout the war based on the conditions in theatre. This improved strategy in Iraq will succed, but don't think for a minute that Bush is suggesting the war against radical Islam is near the end. This war will go on for years... the only question is WHERE... over there or over here?

Democrats led by Senator Dick Durbin are opposing the new plan (of course) mostly because it wasn't their idea, but they have NOT offered any idea, plan or strategy (of course) for success in Iraq, nor have they addressed how they would handle the mass murder and violence that experts agree would transpire if US troops were withdrawn now (as Democrats are suggesting).

Senators John McCain (R) AZ and Joe Liberman (I.D.) CT both support the Presidents plan/strategy demonstrating non-partisan support from (3) parties to defeat our enemy but partisan Democrats like Durbin, Ried, Kennedy, Pelosi and Kerry still refuse to support ANYTHING to do with their enemy (Bush) even if it means supporting defeat for their country without offering any plan for what happens next.

So here are your choices:
Bush plan- Increase troops and kick-ass.
Democrats plan- (no plan except oppose Bush's plan)

This would be another good time to offer my VICTORY or DEFEAT challenge to liberals who are fed up with "no plan/accept defeat now" from the democrats.

Given the new Bush plan (increased troops, clear strategy, change rules of engagment, commitment from Iraqi's, timetables and Victory) do YOU support VICTORY or DEFEAT?

Unite the country, support US VICTORY in Iraq. (Vote in the poll accept my offer/challenge)

Prediction: Osama will be captured (or killed) by US forces long before Obama ever becomes Commander in Chief of US forces.

Added 1/11/07: After hearing the Democrats responses
...How can you not admire President Bush for standing his ground, not caving in and not buckling under the pressure from Democrats and the moonbat media?
Like him or not, he is brave enough to stand in the face of every accusation, lie and political bomb tossed his way and remain on target. People seemed to forget that he is the President and the President IS the Commander in Chief of the armed forces... HE alone says who, what, when and where... in addition Congress authorized the President to USE his authority in processing the war on terror and in the war in Iraq which have now become one and the same.
If you are one of the Islamic throat-cutting fascists you gotta' be scratching your turbin and saying... "what is this guy, the energizer bunny or the terminator... "we" (and the democrats along with the American moonbat media) turned Bush's entire country AGAINST him, defeated Republicans in an election, took over the US government and Bush is still coming after us...he's not human".

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