Friday, January 12, 2007

"Fixing" America in 100 hours

The Democrats vowed to really get things done in their first 100 hours (but they don't mean the actual first 100 hours) in power to show Americans what they can do with their POWER.
So here are their solutions to the biggest issues facing America (however long it takes them).

#1- The War in Iraq… ...........(cricket noise)
But the Democrats ARE planning a “symbolic” vote against the President's new surge for victory. ..(to show their “support” for the troops?) but as far as any Democrat plan or strategy for the war itself… (more cricket noise) Here is US Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried (D) …“the mission in Iraq is the Presidents job", ...(not ours). (followed by noise)

#1A- The War on Terror …..........(more cricket noise)
…Jihad?… September 11th ring a bell? …(silence) …uhh “It’s the Presidents job not ours” (followed by cricket noise) and "We should not be sending troops in to the middle of a civil war". (.... cue the crickets)

#2- Illegal Immigration… (cricket noi…)
…Wait a minute, we have something here… the Democrat’s solution for ending illegal immigration of undocumented workers sneaking into America for low paying jobs….is by Raising the Minimum Wage (lol) which actually only creates MORE incentive for more illegal immigration (remember, Democrat).
Democrats are also discussing amnesty for those illegals (potential voters) and “tearing down that wall” before it even gets built.
That oughta’ fix it!

#3-The Economy… (holy cow, two in a row?)… the Democrats plan to slow down one of the best economic periods in US history is to RAISE ALL OUR TAXES thereby reducing the amount of money we all have to spend which will "reverse" the out of control economic growth we are experiencing. In addition, the Democrat plan to increase the minimum wage should also increase the jobless rate to more "reasonable" Clinton/Carter era levels.
That oughta’ do it!

#4- Healthcare costs… House Democrats wasted time and money by passing an embryonic stem cell research bill Friday that they know will be vetoed by the President. The Democrat majority passed the bill in spite of no evidence that demonstrates any benefit from embryonic stem cells that aren’t present in other forms of stem cell research (already funded) and in spite of new evidence that amniotic fluid provides stem cells with exactly the same possible benefits in every way as embryonic stem cells without destroying a human life or endangering the mother.

This important use (waste) of tax dollars should help bring down healthcare costs according to…. (Nobody).
This important allocation (waste) of tax dollars should provide new cures unavailable with other stem cell research, according to….(Nobody). But the pro-abortion people have gotta' have it or much of their argument goes out the window.(another story another time)

Democrats also passed a bill requiring the federal government to negotiate the price of pharmaceuticals covered by the new Medicare drug program patterned after the VA program which attempts to do the same. The problem is that this system forces the government to restrict the list of covered drugs thus reducing the quality of the coverage. 1.5 million Veterans are unhappy enough with that system to opt out and purchase the more expensive and inclusive Medicare coverage.

That should fix healthcare… so now we can tell Hillary… “never mind”.

I can hardly wait to see what other “brilliant” solutions the Democrats have…
(besides 75 more hours of noises).


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