Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Democrats led by Senator Barbara Boxer (D) CA., celebrated Martin Luther King day by.... bashing one of the highest achieving Women on the planet who's grandparents actually WERE slaves. (AP photo)

During Senate hearings Boxer criticized Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice for being single and not having children and therefore (according to Boxer) is not qualified to make decisions on foreign policy, and in particular on "war". Never mind Rice's multiple Phd's and vast experience for her age.

The most listened-to radio talk-show host said it best..."here you have a rich white chick with a huge, big mouth trying to lynch an African American woman just days before Martin Luther King day, hitting below the ovaries".

Had a Republican said something about Oprah or Whitney or Whoopie or even anything remotely close to what Boxer said, the Democrats and moonbat media would be howling about racism, sexism and every other "ism". What have we heard about this on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or any of the others? (cricket noise)

Is this a good example of how Democrats strive to UNITE the country?
Boxer needs to apologize immediately and resign from any/all committees or party leadership positions as Republicans have done in similar situations.
Women should be outraged and minorities should be enraged at Boxer and the entire Democrat party who stand quietly by ...snickering at what they view as an attack on Bush blinded from seeing it is an attack on single women and minorities alike.

Instead, Boxer (D) CA will probably get a raise and a gold star from the Democrat party and the media.
, (Sec Rice) showing grace, intelligence and maturity beyond Democrat comprehension, shrugged Boxer's attack off with a simple... "...I'm not even sure what she meant".

Senator Robert "KKK" Byrd (D) VA was unavailable for comment and Senator Ted Kennedy (D) MA was busy this weekend escorting young white female interns across a river. Bill and Hillary were BOTH also busy interviewing potential young white female "interns" and staff for her (their) upcoming Presidency.

I'ts obvious that Democrats still don't get who the real enemy is... nor do they understand the meaning of "color blind" or non-partisan (bi-partisan to the rest of you).
(hint)The enemy is not the first African American woman to be Secretary of State and it's not the President of the United States who appointed her... in fact the enemy that deserves your wrath and critique is not a Republican or Democrat.
But I don't want to spoil the surprise... go figure out who the actual enemy is on your own, that is if you can get passed your rich, racist, sexist, partisan political bias.

Meanwhile most Red Staters already recognize and praise the achievements of ALL minorities- period.
God Bless all those who seek to fulfill Dr. Kings dream of ending racism.
Most of us are already there, judging others by their personal ATTITUDE rather than by skin color or gender... Waiting on (and wondering about) those who still only see color, still hanging on to the past, using perceptions based on the past, preventing that dream from becoming a complete reality in America.
I must also wonder about those who refuse to respect the intelligence and achievements of minorities simply because they disagree with their political beliefs.
If Condi Rice were only a Democrat, she would be considered a shoe-in for President (or Queen), on the cover of every magazine as the smartest woman in the world... maybe the universe, and the sweetheart of the media.
Instead she gets disrespected and called every name in the book (including some which are racist... as by Harry Bellafonte and others)

Until liberals and Democrats are willing to rid themselves of racist actions and attitudes, they are in fact the last obstacle for Dr. Kings dream to be realized... not conservative Republicans.

America has come a long way (baby) and we've got a long way to go... but not until we all think of ourselves as "Americans" first and not "Fill in the Blank-Americans", will we have achieved Dr. King's dream.


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