Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hey Democrats; Get Free Plan For Fighting Terror Here

On a lighter note...

Since it is obvious that Democrats have absolutely no idea how to fight terrorism as evidenced by Harry Reid's "It's not our job" comments and the cricket noises we hear every time someone asks any Democrat (except Joe Liberman) to explain his or her plan/solution/suggestion/idea/thoughts on how to win a war/fight a war or admit we are even in a war, ... (lol)
I will step up and provide Harry, Nancy, Teddy, JFK (the other one), algore, Howie (yeeehhaaaw), Dick (Turbin) and "KKK" Byrd with some new surefire ideas that are certain to get them re-elected (which is their only real concern anyway).

Here Ya' Go...

Jihad Express
From recruitment to transport to club Gitmo in one easy step.

Black Hawks Revenge
Terrorists can't resist a downed chopper.

"Can you hear me now?"

Jihad Strategery
Something Democrats should recognize as familiar somehow.

Or you can check out all of Red's cartoons (by dfinley) at Red's Cartoons
More coming soon...

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