Monday, January 01, 2007

Victory or Defeat? Challenge and Poll

Do YOU support Victory or Defeat for the U.S. and democracy in Iraq?

Since this "project" (support Victory/Unite the country) is bearing some fruit and has moved pretty far down the page, save time, below is the short-form, handy-dandy guide to Red Stater's offer to unite the country (or come out of the "basement" as the case may be)

ost people agree that the country is too polarized and too divided.
The War in Iraq is one of the MOST polarizing issues if not THE most polarizing issue today.

The Basic Concept
The challenge/offer to anti-war bloggers and activists is to put aside partisan pride and put your patriotic pride ahead... in order to unite the country by supporting victory for your own country (which is the one thing we should all already agree on).

I agreed to write a pro-liberal/democrat story for each anti-war blogger who agreed to support Victory, and have done so... (uuuhhhhhggg) and will continue to do so for future "converts".

VOTE in Red Stater's Victory or Defeat poll.
If you are uncomfortable going public with your declaration of support or of defeat, you can vote in confidence/anonymously in this Poll.

(While the offer is targeted at anti-war bloggers, everyone is invited to support victory in the comments section and also vote in the poll)

First the
Definition of the Terms and Conditions:

(Not negotiable)

"Victory" as defined (by President George W Bush- Commander in Chief) for the purpose of this offer is "A free and democratic Iraq that is a friend to America and a partner in the global war on terror"
(Note: If and when YOU become President, then we will let you define exactly what victory means to the troops serving under your direction and to America. Until then, the current Commander in Chief's definition is the only definition valid for the purpose of this offer and/or discussion)

"Defeat" for the purpose of this offer means a withdrawal of troops prior to establishing a free and democratic Iraq that is a friend to America and a partner in the global war on terror and or support for victory by insurgents (fighting against U.S. troops) attempting to prevent a free and democratic Iraq that is a friend to America and a partner in the global war on terror
and or by otherwise not supporting "victory" as defined above.

: Supporting victory does not mean you believe that victory is assured or that you even believe we are in a war. Supporting Victory doesn't mean that you "like" (or agree with the policies of) Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, Halliburton, Rush limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Christianity, neocons, or even little 'ol me (Red Stater) but does mean that IF we are in a war, and IF victory is possible, that you support said victory .(as defined above)
ie: "Victory in Iraq"

If you are an anti-war blogger, I again extend my offer for you to join other patriotic antiwar bloggers who have put aside lesser differences (for the moment) to support VICTORY in order to UNITE the Country and to support the troops by wishing them a swift and decisive victory.

(And/Or vote anonymously in the poll- it will just be between you and God)

This gradeschool age Iraqi boy understands the importance of a U.S. victory better than some/many/most American college professors... about YOU ?

Thanks again to those who have contributed so far.

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Blogger Red Stater said...

to ye old conservative blogger,

I of course didn't post your comment out of respect for your privacy.

I received your offer and am honored that you would do so, but I travel frequently and wouldn't be around during certain times of the year...
Best of luck to you and I will stop by the new blog and check it out!

12:45 PM  

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