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Garbage In - Garbage Out, ...A Story Of Recycling.

When reading the news from/about Iraq in your local newspaper or anyone else’s local newspaper (like the NY Times) or watching your local network or cable news, most of the reporting is primarily coming from one source.

No, it’s not Bush, Rumsfeld (Gates) or CENTCOM.

The Associated Press (AP) is that primary source (Reuters being second) and is pretty much where all of the so-called Main Stream Media gets the majority of their “facts” with regard to Iraq in particular. (CENTCOM or Bush admin reports are regarded as government propaganda which must be refuted for the sake of “objectivity”).

When NBC (via MSNBC) declared Iraq to be “officially” in a state of “Civil War” a few weeks ago, much of their reasoning for the declaration was based on Associated Press reports of violence (according to MSNBC).

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and even FOX NEWS use AP as an unchallenged source daily in most of their stories coming out of Iraq.

That is the system.
The Associated Press (Rueters and a few other) news agencies get the “facts” (in Iraq) and write stories. The “reporters” who aren’t in Iraq copy them and repeat them but also write their own stories based on these AP “reports”.

You don’t actually think Wolf, Katie or your local yocal newsdude/chic have their own staff in Iraq running around town getting the "news" do you? (hopefully not, if so you would be wrong) Sure they might have a guy reporting from the hotel balcony (wearing a flak jacket) who just got off the phone with... the AP reporter, but that's about it.

So, (you ask) what’s wrong with everyone forming their view on Iraq based largely on AP reports in the news?
After all, AP is the ultimate “source” and the benchmark for unbiased, journalistic, institutions of truth from which all "worthy news" originates…right?

The “source” of the problem.
The AP (and others) uses local “stringers” to get their “facts” about events in Iraq. These Iraqi locals provide information to AP for a (small?) fee.(?)
AP “journalists” then use these "reports" to write the news we Americans watch on tv and read in the paper.

Enter Captain Jamil Hussein of the Iraqi police force (according to AP).
Captain Hussein is one of these so called “stringers” and is the primary or sole source in over 60 AP stories on “civil war” type violence in Iraq.
Two other primary AP “stringers” also “working” for the Iraq police force (according to AP) are used as the sole source in dozens more stories on extreme violence in Iraq.

Okay, SO ask?

There is NO "Captain Jamil Hussein" according to the official Iraqi Police spokesman, the Iraqi government and CENTCOM.

Jamil Hussein doesn’t exist. CENTCOM can’t authenticate him, the Iraq police can’t authenticate him and the Associated Press can’t produce him.
He is fake, bogus, not authentic, not real and so are his "reports".

The other two sources are bogus as well and in fact one was arrested by the Iraqi police for impersonating an officer. (of all things)
All of the stories using Capt. Jamil Hussein and the others as the source have been denied and refuted by others at the scene of the events, by the real Iraqi police and by CENTCOM which went virtually unreported.

YES, it seems that your local papers and your nightly news have been and currently ARE reporting violence that never happened or is greatly exaggerated based on fake “stringers” and fake reports from the enemy (Islamic fascist terrorist throatcutters).

Why would AP do this?

The media has believed (and reported) all along that the war was wrong, that America couldn’t win and that a civil war would break out.
Journalists are humans too (with opinions). These “journalists” instinctively seek out sources that support their belief.
(have you ever seen a reporter write a story intentionally demonstrating that he/she was wrong about a deep seated belief?)
And, there are plenty of Sunni AND Shia extremists, radicals and supporters, who know that sending bad news of violence day after day, after week, after month, directly to average Americans sitting safely at home in their living rooms, will help their cause.

To our enemy, “Civil War” means America is losing which means that America will leave Iraq soon.
To “journalists”, civil war means they were right all along and that America should leave Iraq soon.

The journalists are sympathetic to the insurgents. CNN went so far as to show a staged video of an attack on US troops provided by terrorists as genuine news. (The shooters on the video are heard saying “be careful not to kill innocent people”) These are the same type thugs who are blowing up innocent people to instigate violence and create the images of civil war for “Captain Hussein” to feed to AP.

Got the picture now?

So, when you hear that America was wrong and America should leave Iraq (in a civil war), know that it is coming directly to your living room (or front porch) from Al Qaeda Sunni and/or Shia Hojjatiah “stringers" via the Associated Press.

Now, if you think that only uninformed and uneducated people would base their view on Iraq on what they see in the news, you would be wrong (again).

Liberal moonbat (pictured above) teachers and college professors use "the news" to support their pre-existing view that the (any) war is wrong, that America is losing/cannot win and that Iraq is in a “civil war”. Some even try to make students sympathize with the insurgents and claim that “US troops are the foreign fighters who are responsible for killing the largest number of innocent Iraqi’s”.
Gee, where do you think Professor Payne got that idea, from his own personal unbiased source(s) living in Baghdad (lol) or from (AP) stories in the press?
(He sure doesn't get this news from CENTCOM)

When you see opinion poll’s that show 50-60%+ Americans believe we are losing or that it (the war) was wrong or that there is a civil war in Iraq… now you understand how they may have come to that "conclusion".

Our perspective is being carefully manipulated by the enemy along with the compliance of the American news media via the AP.
Make no mistake, “the terrorists” are aware of the power of the media and are USING it against us.

How much of YOUR view on Iraq is based on mainstream “news” reports FROM Iraq?

Do YOU believe the words of fake AP “stringers” over your own troops who all say the main stream news media is wrong and paints an inaccurate picture of the war?
(if so, you are probably a liberal Democrat who’s agenda matches with the fake reports)

Garbage in - garbage out… recycled and consumed by the masses.
What a bunch of garbage.

This would be a good time to (again) invite all mass consumers of garbage (and all moonbats) to SUPPORT VICTORY in Iraq and support the troops by believing what they say.
You can continue believing fake reporters like Jamil Hussein (and David Podvin) and other "fake news" in order to justify promoting America's defeat…your choice.

UPDATE: 1/4/2007:
JAMIL HUSSEIN IS FREE...!!! (but not for long according to Iraqi police) click on "Free Jamil Hussein" banner below for details from Michelle Malkin and the AP...
UPDATE2: 1/6/2007- "Jamil Hussein" say's "I'm not the guy" and challenges anyone to "prove he is the AP source" for over 60 highly controversial stories which ultimately could have impacted world view on the war in Iraq. Flopping Aces has the latest...stay tuned...

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Blogger jarhead john said...

Odd how the lefties embrace "journalists," and I use the term loosely these days, as experts in foreign policy. Perhaps they should pay more attention to the troops and commanders that are actually in theater. Granted, those opinions are not widely disseminated by the MSM, so they are a bit hard to come by. I guess that a "professor" that spends decades in the sheltered environment of a university knows better than those that are actually fighting the war. I'm sure that they would retort, citing some retired General that hasn't seen the situation first hand; and I give that response as much weight as I do the blathering of folks like Moore.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

Thank you for your service to the country Jarhead john.

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Your wit and truth are refreshing.

Keep up the great blogging...

10:34 PM  

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