Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Supersize me please... with an extra order of trans-fats

How long have we been hearing from all the experts and conventional wisdom that we ALL need to lower our cholesterol (LDL) to live a healthier life?
LDL is BAD and we MUST get it as low as possible... right?

(Reuters) Washington, D.C. "New research
showing a strong link between Parkinson's disease and low levels of "bad" cholesterol are so worrying that U.S. researchers are launching a study to look into it.
The team at the University of North Carolina is planning clinical trials involving thousands of people to see whether statin drugs, which lower low density lipoprotein, or LDL, might actually cause Parkinsons."

"Liberal Science" is so funny... they remind me of the weathermen... they make predictions that rarely come true and then come out the very next day with a big smile and make more predictions that contradict the ones from the day before and never even blink.
... and that's YOUR forcast for today!
One of my favorite issues of National Geographic in my "library" (john) from this past year is titled "Killer Hurricanes...No End in Sight"...(on the cover, no less) and of course we didn't have a single hurricane all season.

zero accountability and unquestioned credibility= "bad medicine".
Q: So when are we going to see Michael J Fox doing commercials telling us not to let our LDL (cholesterol) get TOO low which can lead to Parkinsons disease?
A: As soon as it might help a Democrat get elected and not a day before.

UPDATE: 1/18/07- MSNBC aired the old "Supersize Me" fake-u-mentary last night as if it were authentic news... anyone who has ever made it all the way to the end of the show (zzzzzz) saw that the subject was actually healthier AFTER a month of intentionally overeating nothing but McDonalds without any exercise than he was before the science project gone-bad began. The Doctor says his blood levels were all normal (some had even improved) and he gained a few pounds but was still in the normal range for his size. So the point of the entire affair debunked itself.
Classic stuff. They are counting on the fact that most people won't make it through the show and will just take them on their word in the first half that he may not live through the event...

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