Thursday, January 11, 2007

War & Death; Another Sad Milestone

…A Time For “Perspective And Reflection”.
(Warning: Controversial subject... if you can't handle it, don't read it)

New figures show that there have been nearly 5 million innocent victims killed by the Americans since the beginning of the Iraq war.

That’s right, well over 4.9 million dead just since the invasion in 2003. In fact the total could be much more since the killing is so widespread that record keeping of totals is not done accurately and has to be extrapolated or averaged.
And it would appear that the killing, which remains willfully ignored by the media, is not ending any time soon.
It’s virtually “open season”.

The parents and relatives of the slaughtered victims live on; …some are hopelessly tormented by the loss, while others somehow feel liberated from the burden of responsibility for the victims and free from the responsibility of even caring at all.
It also appears that virtually none of the 4.9+ million victims were given a funeral or burial but instead they were simply hauled away with other bio-hazardous waste and burned.

In case you might be confused, the above true statements aren't happening in Iraq (far from it), but has happened/is happening right here in the USA-

While most Americans respectfully reflect often on the 3,000+ brave U.S. troops lost as well as all those injured fighting for our freedom and the freedom of Iraqi’s…
those who keep track of the deaths in Iraq to make a political statement along with those who DO in fact claim that our troops ARE killing innocents, should take a moment and reflect on the nearly 5 million unborn innocent babies killed right here in America (since the war began) …by abortion. There have been over 4.9 million American abortions (estimated total) since 2003 for mere “convenience”, in most cases.

That’s right, (just to be clear)…No, it’s not our troops in Iraq who are killing innocents, (Like some claim) but instead regular Americans right here at home in the USA just like you and me, your neighbors and mine... every single day.

You see, in my opinion
No human is more innocent than an unborn baby;
No human is more noble than one who gives their life or limb in service to our country for the pursuit of freedom and liberty.

(I take both very seriously).

I’m sorry if you were happily reading along wrongly thinking that I was some college professor saying that the US troops are the foreign fighters who are killing innocent Iraqi’s. (Go here for that)

Also, there hasn’t been anywhere near 5 million people killed in the entire war since 2003 TOTAL… innocent or otherwise, but in fact, far less than 100,000 total dead in Iraq according to themselves.

So, what is the point?
To point out the Hypocrisy of the liberal left while exposing the ongoing abuse of abortion rights in terms that put the real numbers in perspective with the volume of anti-war voices (rhetoric) and unsubstantiated claims over Iraq along which is then amplified by the moonbat media over and over.

The liberal left displays extreme “outrage” and protests (salivates?) over every death of a US soldier who volunteered knowing the possibility exists of losing his/her life to defend their country…while ignoring, No- “promoting” the deaths of innocent unborn babies (abortions) who (A) didn’t ask to be conceived and (B) didn’t consent to being slaughtered (aborted) especially for mere political purposes or someone’s convenience.

Nearly 5 million of them in less than 4 years. WHY?

Pregnancy is NOT (repeat NOT) an airborne virus that randomly “infects” unsuspecting victims (in most cases) but pregnancy can be avoided or PREVENTED easily, affordably and even for free if needed. A woman can only get pregnant 4-5 days out of each Month and can easily/accurately predict/determine which days those are.

A condom costs less than a dollar and is available practically everywhere, there are foams, gels, sprays, IUD’s, (not, IED’s they are different) $1 ovulation test kits, “the patch”, “the shot”, and “the pill”.. and of course there is now a pill for the “morning after” just in case we “forgot” to use one of the hundreds (or thousands) of ways to avoid pregnancy in the first place!

In this case, No Responsibility + No Accountability = ABUSE of “rights” in my opinion. Women (and men who comply) are abusing the “right” to an abortion by not attempting to avoid/prevent the pregnancy in the first place. (with few exceptions)

Yet, the mass slaughter of the 5 million unborn babies is defended, protected, ignored and hidden by the left in America, who have no interest in reducing that number whatsoever, believing it is a “choice” and is the “God given right” of every woman (or girl without parental consent) according to those who don’t believe in God in the first place!

Meanwhile the 3,000+ brave men and women who made the “choice” to volunteer and defend their country knowing they may very well lose their life by doing so…(which is their God given right) is wrong, “criminal” and must be stopped immediately…according to anti-war liberals who are generally pro-abortion.

5 Million cubic feet of space = 8,000 full sized garbage trucks filled to the max.

Just think about how big of a pile of babies (“fetus” for you libs) 8,000 filled garbage trucks would make (for a second) and the next time you hear about someone praising the “difficult choice” to (have unprotected sex knowing they can just…) get an abortion, …think about that giant pile of 5 million dead babies again.

And the next time a pro-abortion/anti-war person says that one dead American is too high of a price to pay for freedom and security, remember that according to THAT SAME PERSON, even 5,000,000 dead American babies isn’t too high of a price to pay for having freedom from parenting and freedom from responsibility.

So the next time you think about “choice” please think about the “choice” the brave men and women in the military have made each and every day and the next time you see one, THANK HIM/HER for making that “choice” so that you can believe what ever you want. (and even put it on the internet) and say whatever you want without fear of the government stopping you or forcing you to believe anything (or nothing) or even have an abortion if you want. (However, radical Islamic fascists do not allow abortion unless it is performed on an infidel)

It is disgusting that 5 million abortions goes unnoticed in America, meanwhile during the same period, the left points out every hangnail sustained in the war in order to protest it for political gain and the trusty media is out buying fake stories from fake Iraqi stringers about deaths that didn’t occur to prove America is losing the war. Ie; Moonbats.

Now, before you jump to conclusions and misunderstand, …
Are there certain conditions where abortions are appropriate?
Yes of course. I’m not suggesting banning abortion, but those cases should be rare, not the norm.

Should abortion be used as just another form of birth control that is like a condom except you have months longer to make your “choice” and it’s a little more expensive?
No, of course not, - …(but it is), and that’s the point where it is abusing the “right” to have an abortion.

And, …before you comment “Should we not “report” or discuss the loss of troops then?”

Of course we should, in the context of honoring their sacrifice, dedication and memory for being heroes in the truest sense of the word. Absolutely YES, we should.

When in the context of those sacrifices being used cheaply in a running total on the top of an antiwar political blog or used as an example against the very things they died for and believed in, …then NO we (as Americans) should not.
Even if you are an antiwar parent of such.

5 million slaughtered unborn babies in America (since 2003) for mere convenience (or laziness) is a horrible tragedy and all of them are victims who’s deaths we (Americans) cannot be proud of. Yet "we" are silent and ignore them.

3,000+ voluntary brave warriors lost in combat while fighting for freedom and justice are honorable and are heroes for whom we all (Americans) should be proud.

Yet "we" protest and defame them.

This has been a Red S Tater Perspective, …reflect on it and “don’t leave home (or don’t stay home) without it”.

May God bless our troops and may God bless the unborn… two of the most worthy causes for blessings on God’s green earth.

The rest of us…already are blessed, just by living in America.


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