Thursday, July 05, 2007

Demmunist Party or Commocrat Party?

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid demonstrates what would happen to Democrat hopes in 2008 if voters wake up.

Here's more interesting reading on the connections between the current Democrat Party and the Communist Party.
Please to enjoy...LIBERALS

And- remember to keep repeating the mantra like good little useful idiots...
"The war on terror is just a bumper sticker"
and "The real enemy is George Bush, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity".

Is the new Democrat Party also the beginning of the end for America?
I certainly hope not, but one must wonder...

08/01/07 Seems I'm NOT the only one who is making this comparison...

Democrats, Socialism & Communism

Toward a Socialist America

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Blogger Dave said...

Red this is silly even for you. Sure some Democrats have Communist leanings but not the vast majority.

As far as the useful idiots comment...there are just as many Republicans who blindly hate Democrats and liberals as there are Democrats who blindly hate Republicans and conservatives. In my opinion they are all morons. No one philosophy or ideology has all of the answers. There are good Democrats and bad Republicans and vice versa. We need to stop throwing around labels like liberal and conservative and start looking at the individuals, their records, and what they support. This never ending name calling isn't doing anyone any good.

11:46 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

LOL... funny when it is about a Democrat, everyone runs to say stop the name calling... but when it is about BUSH or a Republican... no problem.

I am not saying Republicans have all the answers, I am saying that liberals are treading dangerously close to the official communist platform. In my opinion that is NOT GOOD for America.

The so-called "vast majority" you refer to are the same people I consider the so-called "useful idiots" as defined by the old communist party during the 1960's.

The Democrat Party as a whole is much closer to a socialist platform than ever before, socialism is a step from communism like it or not.

The past few posts were not about good and bad people, you are right that there are bad people no matter where you go...and good people.
The last few posts are about the fact that the Democrat Party is moving the country toward communism. Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry and the rest are practically communists in their philosophy and practice. My post points that out clearly.

If the name fits, wear it with pride.

I'm tired of playing nice while liberals get away with murder.

Demmunists or Commocrats?
You make the call.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

Read what long-time Democrat 60's activist and son of communist parents (David Horowitz) has to say about the Democrat party.

Or you might wanna see what the former liberal Democrat and head of the LA NOW Chapter has to say about the Democrats and communism. (Tammy Bruce)

Then get back to me.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

"Sure some Democrats have Communist leanings but not the vast majority".

Only the Democrats who are running for office and the Democrats who vote for them.

7:14 PM  
Blogger RustyBelgrades said...

Red Stater, I sympathize with your point more than you might realize. I would like to, however, give you a suggestion.

The current Democrats are not Communists or Socialist. You can demonstrate the ties between the two all year long, but if they were truly that far left, they'd say so. I promise. The Democrats have no shortage of immensely stupid things to say.

As always, feel free to say whatever you want about whomever, but I would suggest not calling them Socialists or Communist. Rather, a more productive method is to point out what the Democrats are not. And they are most certainly, or at least 99% of them, NOT Constitutionalists, and whether Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, the USA does not need ANY candidates that do not look towards the Constitution for their rule of government.

Remember, the Democrats, and that Piece of Sh*t that is Hillary Clinton, are not Socialist or Communist. They are too limp and poorly thought out to be steadfast on any issue. Rather, they are a political entity that is largely not in accordance with the notion of our forefathers concerning issues about federal authority.

The same could be said of the Republicans since Goldwater, but you needn't worry about bashing Republicans. That is my job.

It is good to see you are still going. Keep it up!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

hey rusty!

i appreciate your kind words and thoughts, however it is former liberals like David Horowitz who was raised by real live communists who make the best case and former liberals like Tammy Bruce also... but all one really has to do is read the list of goals for the communist party published in the late 1960's to make the case that the Democrat party has taken the cause and ran with it quite effectively.

i hate to use overused labels as much as anyone... but in this case the shoe fits "like a glove".

9:33 AM  

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