Thursday, July 12, 2007

How Embarrassing

I tuned in to C-SPAN this morning and saw Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D) Illinois make a total fool of herself.
How embarrassing it must have been to have admitted on live television that she has no idea who we are fighting in Iraq and who the enemy is. wow.
The wildly uninformed elected official Schakowsky asked "Who are we fighting?", "Who is the enemy?" She added, "I thought the war in Iraq was won when Saddam was overthrown", "Mission Accomplished?".

Schakowsky apparantly believes everyone simply forgot the months and months of Democrats saying that Bush was horribly wrong for celebrating the mission of defeating the Iraq military on the deck of that aircraft carrier.

I am going to help the congresswoman out on this one- no charge.
Jan, the return of the troops who overthrew Saddam's regime did accomplish that mission ie: "Mission accomplished"since a "mission" is part of a larger war and not the entire war. The war on terror began long before the mission to overthrow Saddam and will go on long after you are thankfully un-elected from public office.

To get up to speed on just who the enemy is (no it is NOT George Bush) just google the following terms and read a little bit and stop getting all of your war information from anti-war activists.
Google "Al Qaeda in Iraq" or check out wikipedia at least.

Or just Google Al Qaeda, Hezbolah, Hahmas, Hojatieh, Osama Bin Laden, Jihad on America, radical Islam, Iran, The Twelvers or contact Benjamin Netanyahu... he can fill you in on what you've missed hanging out at the war protest rallies.

No thanks necessary, just wake up and stop embarrassing yourself like that before you and your Bush-hating buddies get us all killed.


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