Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Conservative Call To Action

Conservative or traditional America as we have known it is at war on two different fronts with two totally separate entities.
1- The war against radical Islam and
2- The more subversive war with socialism/communism right here at home.

(I know, the words socialist and communist have become invisible and are discounted when used...but read the published goals of the communist party and read the Democrat platform and listen to their speech... identical)

Are conservatives up to the task?

#1- Since conservatives are the only group that recognizes that we are even in a war with Jihadi extremists groups and that Iraq is a vital part of that war... (a war which MUST be won at any cost) conservatives have been left to defend the country without any Democrat support to say the least.
Democrats and liberals are blind to the entire war since it does not fit their political template, so Democrats simply claim they can negotiate with terrorists/throat-cutting Islamic religious fanatics. Democrats are so blinded by Bush Derangement Syndrome that they are oblivious to all other dangers or threats.
#2- Therefore, conservatives are also at war with the Democrat party and the new Socialist/Communist liberal left here at home in America who are hard at work to take over the country for themselves (at any cost) to redistribute income, limit profits, open the borders, take away guns, limit conservative talk and opinion and tax you into the poorhouse so you will need the government to take care of you, (all for the "greater good") while totally ignoring the larger threat that exists for us all... (see #1 above)

Losing either war means things will be changing dramatically for future generations...
God help us.

What can conservatives do?
Pray, do what is right, speak out, and most of all, VOTE in numbers like you've never voted before.



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