Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Bad News For Jihadi's and Democrats

UPDATE 8/17: US Forces Continue Pounding Al Qaeda
US military and Afghan forces pound mountains near Tora Bora on one side in cooperation with the Pakistani Army deployed on the other side involved in a joint effort...

So, Democrats like Sen/Presidential hopeful Barack Obama have recently called to invade or bomb the two principal countries that were at that very same time planning and are now actively involved to help the US rub out Al Qaeda hiding in mountains between Pakistan and Afganistan. (Now THAT'S FUNNY, I don't care who you are)

This operation has obviously been in the planning and development stages for some time now, wonder "Bushy" has that smile on his face, he is three steps ahead of the Democrats every single time... amazing.

The Democrats now have two choices here... they can use the old OBAMA line "US is bombing innocent women and children in Afghanistan" or if there are major Al Qaeda leaders captured and/or killed by the operation then...
Let's start the timers for how long it takes Sen. (D) Obama to say

"that's what I meant when I said bomb Pakistan, ...I was behind this plan all along"

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