Friday, August 10, 2007

Red's Tips For Hillary's visit to Oklahoma

The local Repub's list missed a few points...Here are Red S Tater's top, tried and true, tricks and tips along with my harvest of handy, helpful hints for Hillary on her visit to the sooner state.

Mrs. Clinton,
Tell your limo driver to avoid the chug-holes so you don't spill your champagne. But if you mention the dangerous bridges and roads here, remember that Oklahoma has been under Democrat controlled house and senate for the past 100 years until now and already have very high gasoline tax for alleged road repair. The horrible roads, bridges and infrastructure here are a direct result of Democrat rule and kind-of a sore spot.

You also might wanna stay away from discussing the war in Iraq since one of the largest employers in the state is the US Air Force and their families will be watching you.

I suggest avoiding talking about how Bush stole the 2000 and 2004 elections since all 77 counties in Oklahoma voted for Bush.

Stay away from discussing your stance on abortion, gun control, illegal immigration and gay marriage.

Try to avoid words like trust, fidelity, loyalty, honesty, cigar, intern and cheater when your husband is present.

Don't fly in on your private jet and 10+ car security detail to lecture us on how WE must cutback on oil consumption by driving less, so stay away from talking about the weather if it just leads to a global warming rant.

Avoid dogging WalMart... if not for WalMart, most Okies would be running around naked, so leave Walmart alone.

You might wanna avoid insulting the oil and gas industry while in Oklahoma as well as the beef and meat industries.

You should keep a close eye on Slick Willy while you are here, Oklahoma has produced a number of Miss America's Miss USA's and is known for having pretty women in abundance... you don't need another one of those nasty sex scandals on the campaign trail.

But please feel free to explain why after 100 years of Democrat control and rule, Oklahoma is far behind other states in virtually every category from job growth and wages, to roads to education... you name it. If Democrats like you (Hillary) have all the answers, then why are states and cities (like New Orleans for example) under Democrat control for decades unable to manage and sustain themselves?
Avoid Standard Democrat Answer: "It's Bush's fault".

'Guess that doesn't leave much for you to talk about though does it? ...

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