Monday, August 20, 2007

Supporting TROOPS/Families at 300 MPH+

In the world of professional drag racing there are a lot of heavy hitters and big names of men and women with lots of money required to compete in the sport. There are also a lot of good people in the sport that put some things ahead of money. These men and women are both.

Evan Knoll, owner of Torco Racing Fuels and Ken Black owner of KB Racing along with Kalitta Motorsports will unveil a new "Support the Troops AND Families" paint scheme on their Top Fuel Dragster driven by Hillary Will at the upcoming NHRA POWERade US Nationals -Indy Sept. 1, 2 & 3rd and continue through the remaining 2007 drag racing season.
"I'm glad that Evan Knoll and my team owner, Ken Black, decided to come together and have a Support Our Troops And Families paint scheme on our Top Fuel dragster,” Will said. “It's an honor for me to drive it. I'm very thankful for what our U.S. troops do for our country. Hopefully I can dedicate a win to them after we put our KB Racing dragster in the winner's circle at Indy."

Knoll/Torco sponsors a large number of NHRA and IHRA drag race teams including Melanie Troxel's POW/MIA themed Top Fuel Dragster and was the driving force behind the Support the Troops and Families idea for Hillary Will's car.
If you read the article, you will notice that it wasn't done for political reasons, nor to get exposure for themselves or personal gain... just men and women doing what they love, saying thank-you to the men and women who are sacrificing and paying the price of freedom for us all.

Drag Racing is "the worlds fastest motorsport" where Top Fuel Dragsters travel the quarter mile (1,320 feet) from a standing start in under 4.5 seconds, reaching top speeds over 337 mph using monster V8 supercharged/injected internal combustion engines on nitromethane fuel (ch3NO2) producing over 8,000 horsepower. When two T/F Dragsters go down the track at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado it registers a 2.0 magnitude "earthquake" at the National Earthquake Center in Golden over 20 miles away!




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