Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Surge Working, can Democrats Blame Bush?

The so-called Bush "surge" plan is working in Iraq and showing signs of significant progress. This has Democrats speaking out of both sides of their mouths and contradicting each other in the same press conference... Durbin and Casey

So, I offer yet another opportunity for anti-war liberals to change their position and support the US VICTORY in Iraq. To resist is futile, victory is the only acceptable outcome since our very lives and freedom depend on it. Join the support for victory and I will write a nice story about your favorite Democrat.... don't let Oklahoma Lefty be the only liberal with a brain, get with the program and support VICTORY today!

NOTE to liberals: In case you missed it, the Jihadi's will cut the throats and murder all of the communists and socialists, pacifists and leftwing wacko's too (this could include you)

Think of it this way, by supporting a US victory in Iraq, (according to the left) you will be promoting and encouraging new recruits to join the Jihad to fight against the US in Iraq. Therefore, you will be helping the Jihad defeat America in Iraq which is what you wanted in the first place.

I guess you can eat your cake and have it too, ...after all.
Victory anyone?
UPDATE: 8/15/07- Dubya's Daring Surge Working
The Iraq Surge; Why It's Working
Surge Working
Surge Working, Can Sustain Until Spring
and perhaps the best of all...
Surge Working Means Problems for Democrats

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