Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Victory in Iraq Means "About Face" For Dem's

This article by Johnathan D. Strong presents anti-war liberals with a dismal picture.

The Surge IS working, so how Democrats and liberals twist and spin their position of defeat in Iraq into anything other than defeat for Democrats in 2008 should be quite entertaining if nothing else.

So, get ready for more of this,

"I was FOR this war before I was AGAINST it"

"I love the military and supported removing Saddam before George Bush was even elected"

"and were gonna take Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iran and Syria and yeeeeeee-haaaaaaa!

"so go over it again, how can we completely reverse direction without looking like idiots"?

Meanwhile, the Communist Party supports Democrat Party efforts on war, economy and Impeachment... so they've got that going for them.




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