Saturday, September 15, 2007

WARNING: Liberal Lie Approaching At Full Speed


When you hear liberals and Democrats soon claiming that well over 1 million innocent Iraqi's have been killed since the start of the Iraq war (AND YOU WILL), they are basing this claim on a new poll. ENGRAM over at BACK TALK has dissected the poll and the accuracy of such a claim wherein he has applied something very unique in modern analysis... called simple logic and basic math to their numbers and one thing is for sure... THEY DON'T ADD UP.

To achieve this staggering number of over 1,000,000 dead, ...23,000+ Iraqi's have to have been killed every month... 720+ per day (average) every day since 2003!
According to the poll 20% of these deaths are from car bombs which means that every day since the war began (according to the poll) nearly 150 Iraqi's die JUST from car bombs (4500/mo). With the media coverage we have of civilian deaths (about 200/mo) , deaths from car bombs are not likely to go unnoticed... especially not 4,200 per month (unnoticed).

ENGRAM writes...
"If 20% are being killed by car bombs, then nearly 150 are dying that way every single day. Web sites like Iraq Coalition Casualty Count and Iraq Body Count exist to document every death in Iraq (so that those deaths can be hung around the neck of George Bush). That's what they do. As part of their single-minded effort, they track deaths resulting from car bombs. It's hard to keep car bombs secret. After all, when a car explodes, it's a noticeable event. In the first two weeks of September, ICCC documents about 55 deaths from car bombs. Last month, which is a month that witnessed the most spectacular attack yet by al Qaeda suicide bombers, the total was over 600 (the highest of the war). Based on my analyses of ICCC data over the years, I'd say the average is, at most, about 200 per month. Yet the new poll suggests that the figure is closer to 4500 per month. That means that, on average, 4300 people are victims of top secret car bombing attacks every single month in Iraq"

Engram continues...
"The idea that there are 4300 victims of secret car bombings every month is simply not credible (even Kevin Drum is skeptical). Unlike scattered execution-style killings in the night, very few car bombings would be missed by the media. But to believe the results of this poll, you have to believe that virtually ALL car bombings go completely unnoticed".
He goes on to explain exactly what is happening with the poll and how the numbers could be so inflated, but just for the sake of argument...
Lets apply Hillary's "willing suspension of disbelief" for a moment to those inflated numbers and say that logic and math are wrong and the poll is correct.
How is Al Qaeda doing this month?
"...halfway through the month of September, only about 350 civilian total deaths have been documented. Al Qaeda has not yet contributed their share (as they surely will), but if another 350 are killed in the next 2 weeks as a result of background violence, and if al Qaeda replicates its spectacular success of August (killing 500 additional civilians), the total will still only be about 1200. As high as it is, this would be a remarkably low casualty count by the Iraqi poll standards. Thus, to help the Democrats and portray the surge as a failure, al Qaeda has a lot of work to do over the next two weeks. If they don't kill at least 700 Iraqis (i.e., if they don't exceed their prior record-setting total), the Democrats will be hard-pressed to continue savaging the reputation of General Petraeus".
Considering the average monthly totals for deaths documented by several groups is around 200/mo with the highest-ever death toll for one month at less than 700, Al Qaeda and the other insurgent groups had better get busy to get anywhere close to the poll numbers (23,000/mo) and keep Democrats in business.

ENGRAM correctly projects...
"In light of that, what are the hopes and dreams of Democrats?

Go, al Qaeda, go! [i.e., if al Qaeda succeeds, Bush's troop surge will be perceived as a failure, and General "Betray Us" will not be perceived as a hero]
However, if you ARE one of those hoping that the Bush strategy fails, it's important to appreciate that your entire hope for success depends on al Qaeda's success."(end)
(links in above paragraph added by Redstater)

Are Democrats for Jihad or America? I think most of us know the answer to that, but when you hear the Jihadists and the Democrats refer to the 1 million dead Iraqi's (because of Bush) (AND YOU WILL), remember to use a little old fashion logic and some basic math.
Works every time.

Thanks again to Engram at Back Talk
for yet another outstanding analysis.

SIDENOTE: Another explanation for the error in the poll might be that the Iraqi's were confused and thought the question was "How many innocent children have been murdered each year by abortion in America since the war in Iraq began?". (Over 1million per year) But unborn babies are nothing more to the left than a disposable bumper sticker for their "right to kill" campaign.

UPDATE: As predicted... Daily Kos is running with this without even checking the numbers to see if it is feasible... typical and predictable.
and Update: 9/26/07... as predicted... Mahatma X (formerly Left End of the Dial)... again, doesn't own a calculator.



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