Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ABSOLUTE PROOF We are Winning the War

Want absolute ultimate irrefutable proof that the US military is winning in Iraq and that the big 'ol civil war is not a civil war after all?

Exhibit A: I direct you to Daily Kos, Okie Funk, Blue Oklahoma, Sooner Thought, Kittenstomper, JMBzine... or your own "favorite" local moonbat antiwar liberal blog for the pudding.

Scroll from top to bottom on their front page... (i did) you will find posts on the SCHIP, on Inhofe vs Rice, on Hillary, Joe Biden's life history, Rush Limbaugh, Fred Thopmson, Rudy, Mitt, New Boots, immigration laws, taxes, abortion, football, baseball, TV programs... in fact they have to their next war- Iran ! lol...
...but not ONE WORD on the war in Iraq, civilian casualties, civil war, carbombs, lying Generals, the murdering US troops, torture, waterboarding, Bin Laden, insurgents, illegal occupations, Vietnam or even hardly any use of the word "war".

This can ONLY mean one thing.
They've got no bad news to write about, no leg left to stand on, no failures, no bad news from Iraq...and if there is no bad news to report from Iraq, then there is no news from Iraq.

This is good news for the rest of us Americans who support our troops and the war effort. Since about 15 minutes after the war started (the time it took to come up with their first lie)... we have been treated to hourly assaults on our military, the war effort, Bush, Iraqis, claims of civil war in Iraq and phrases like occupiers, defeat is eminent, victory is not possible, torture, murder....etc.etc.etc.etc... ~

But now THEY'VE GOT NOTHING... except the constant searching every day for that one scrap of crap to re-start their defeat machine... but for now, "they got nuttun".

So you can read about everything in the wide world of sports EXCEPT about Iraq at their blogs. On Iraq, Okie Funk writes...(cricket noise) and Sooner Thought adds (cricket noise) while the Daily Kos reports (cricket noise) and of course Blue Oklahoma is quick to point out (cricket noise) and Kittenstomper makes the case that (cricket noise).... across the liberal blogosphere the cry goes out...(cricket noise).

I submit this to you as 100% proof that in fact.... "Defeat is lost".
I also rest my case.

Unless you want to use the facts that violence and death in Iraq is down over 70%...yes, 70% since just a few months ago (June) , that AQI is "cutting and running", local Iraqis are working with US troops and each other to rid itself of AQI and other groups who had been trying to hijack their country, or that US military casualties are the lowest in over a year and the country is moving forward and their economy is growing.
OR the fact that I (Red S Tater) have even been able to write about other issues instead of constantly having to debunk liberal bunk, and even have some fun. (worst blog awards)

But numbers and actual data confuse the antiwar liberals.... so I refer you to back to Exhibit A.

Note: I posted no links in this post for a reason.
I shouldn't have to (nor will I) hold your hands and lead you over and make you drink...the truth. If you are really interested in the truth on the war, you can find it easily... if you want it.

I suggest starting with Engram at Backtalk for a good foundation from which to understand the war in Iraq laid out in logical order. The news media does not have the math skills to bring the story to you and you won't get it anywhere else.

Tempted to go on, that is the ONLY plug in this post other than the antiwar blogs I mentioned. Why mention them?
Well they are repackaged copies of and daily kos.
Why is that important?
It has been proven that these blogs help create the lies that end up on the front pages of every liberal newspaper and every liberal news organization which is pretty much 99.999% of the papers and media ion the country.

So, if you use antiwar liberal blogs, mediamatters, the mainstream- drive-by, Al Qaeda-hugging news media as your sources of info, enjoy reading about everything BUT the war in Iraq.

Let's watch and see which one of them tries to cover their tracks and quickly get something posted to still claim otherwise....

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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Hit em where it hurts, Red!
The party of defeat and disaster has indeed tried to turn our eyes away from the very good news out of Iraq, and bin Laden's urgent message to aQI, for a reason:

We are winning, winning a great and obvious war, as well as winning the more subtle war against the mental terrorism of radical Islam and an al Qaeda-taliban like country.

That can only be good news! To everyone but Liberals.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Engram Backtalk is definitely an undervalued site.

I'd link it if it were me.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I have a button over in my hotlinks in the margin...but I'm glad you asked, sounds like you're a Backtalk fan too.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Soonie Thought goes stealthy and sneaks this one in...the day after this post...hmmmm sounding kinda SUPPORTIVE or sarcasm?

9:51 AM  

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