Friday, October 19, 2007

Duncan "The Real Deal" Hunter

Have YOU been hunting for "the real deal"?
Well I found him. (Sorry it took me so long)
Thats right folks, I've made my decision and found the Presidential candidate that I can enthusiastically support. Hopefully my support won't kill his chances. lol
I've considered all the rest and found the best.

Duncan Hunter is "The Real Deal".

He hasn't gotten the face-time yet, but a genuine grassroots movement is underway and if you are looking for an honest-to-goodness, no apologies, genuine rightwing conservative... then stop "hunting", Duncan is your man.

You can go to and get all the great news issue by issue, item by item so I won't post 'em all here, but lets just say you won't be disappointed if you are pro-life, pro-God, pro America, pro gun ownership, pro-victory in Iraq and elsewhere, anti-taxes, anti-big government, if you want illegal aliens to be sent back to where they came from and yet welcome legal immigration, secure the border(s), build the entire fence ASAP and stop the NAFTA Super Highway, stop increased socialized medicine/return to the family doctor system...
Duncan Hunter served in Vietnam and is a legitimate war hero and has a son currently serving with two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

From the desk of
Gen. Chuck Yeager:

November 20, 2006

To my Fellow

Congressman Duncan Hunter is the best candidate for President of the United States of America - he has integrity, tenacity, courage, and diplomacy. He is intelligent and thoughtful, does his research, and acts on it.

I have known Congressman Duncan Hunter for over 35 years. Duncan served his country in the Army and is a Vietnam vet. In Vietnam, he served in one of the most dangerous outfits - the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 75th Army Rangers.

Duncan Hunter is the former and very effective Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and I am proud to be the Honorary Chair of the Congressman Duncan Hunter for President Committee.
- Chuck Yeager

Need more?
Great, go to DUNCAN HUNTER '08 link below and get ready for some real "shock and awesome".

My dream ticket?
Hunter/Tancredo 2008

Mind you we are still OVER a full year away from election day 2008 It was interesting that the first question of the debate was "WHO IS MORE CONSERVATIVE"?
Unfortunately they asked the wrong candidates.
The question was posed to Rudy, Mitt, McCain and (from)Fred Thompson. They each got at least 2+ minutes to respond. Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo each got zero minutes but were not even asked questions until much, much later in the debate.
Hmmmmm That's ODD we are a year away from voting and they have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 candidates? The Better Half posted on this immediately following the debate.

Let's compare the candidates and see who is "The Real Deal" as I wrote without knowing it was even in question.
Rudy? Not so much, while Rudy is the best at articulating and selling his opinions, he can make no claim to being the most conservative with his views on abortion, gun control, the borders...
John? Not so much, while Senator McCain is a honorable and likable man, his border record and other issues assure he is not the most conservative.
Mitt? Gay marriage, borders, guns...
How 'bout 'ol Fred?
So the 4 candidates that were asked who is the most conservative Presidential candidate, NONE of the above was not the answer given...but should have been.
The true final 4 who should have been asked and also the question many TRUE conservatives are asking before voting in the PRIMARY weren't mentioned but I assure you the answer is Duncan "The Real Deal" Hunter. I suggest On The to make the comparison yourself and vote accordingly.

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Blogger Red S Tater said...

My friend dave over at Oklahoma Lefty blog made the comment that Duncan Hunter is the Republican equivalent of Dennis "the menace" Kucinich.

Duncan Hunter believes that illegal aliens exist... while Dennis Kucinich believes that aliens from another planet exist (no joke).

Duncan Hunter believes that we need to stop the flow of insurgent terrorists coming across from Syria into Iraq and believes in winning the war... while Dennis Kucinich believes in encouraging the terrorists in Syria by going there and telling them they are right and the US is wrong to be in Iraq and that they are winning and we are losing the war.

One quick glance at will show that these two men could not be further apart in their beliefs, but numbers and facts...who needs them?

yup, sounds the same to
VOTE HUNTER in 08... or Kucinich... same thing.(not) lmao

10:04 AM  

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