Thursday, October 25, 2007

Evidence That Defeat Is Lost

Here is the news from Iraq that somehow is managing to slip by the eagle eyes of the main stream news media as well as liberal bloggers.

The Iraqi "Civilian Surge"
"The recent surge of troops and embedded Provincial Reconstruction Teams (EPRT) to Iraq is providing unprecedented opportunity for Iraqi citizens", a Coalition commander said today.

Iraqi Security Forces Step Up
"Iraqi security forces took another step toward self-sufficiency when several Iraqi security elements participated in a civil defense drill in Yarmouk, an area in the Mansour district of western Baghdad, Oct. 20..."

Concerned Local Citizens Come Together
Sunnis and Shias are banning together in Besamaya and establishing a Concerned Local Citizens program in their area.

Sharp Drop In US Deaths

Sharp Drop In Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Coalition Operations Continue to Degrade Al Qaeda In Iraq Network

Troops Find Two Weapons Cashes

Iraqi Citizens Help troops find IED's

41,000 lb Weapons Cashe

Electricity In Iraq From Engram at Balk-Talk

US Uncovers Massive Cashe of Explosives in Iraq

American Public Has It Backwards by Engram at Balk-Talk

Al Qaeda in Iraq's Plan- Not Working by Engram at Balk-talk

Casualties Tell The Story by Engram at Balk-Talk

Of course none of these stories are 'media-matters' approved and therefore not credible to the rest of the extreme leftist liberal news media.

The flood of good news is only starting to roll in... and try as they may, they can't stop it.



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