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New Poll- Worst Blog In Oklahoma 2007

Which is worse, teaching college students how to be a good little bloggers by hating George Bush and America?
Or maybe it's chasing and enticing disgruntled military into suing the US Government for fun and profit...
Or perhaps it's claiming (in 2007 yet) that Globalgore is President and won in 2000...
Or is it simply posting items you know to be a blatant lie to promote the moonbat agenda?

Whatever the criteria, these highly "qualified" candidates all deserve a chance to be named The Official Red Stater
"Worst Blog of the Year"
2007 - Okie style.

A symbolic bronzed Moonbat will be awarded to the "winner" and the runner-ups will simply continue to be ignored. (no moonbats were injured in the making of this "award")

Poll over in the "right" (of course) margin*, ...please vote freely.
There are no butterfly ballots, no hanging chads, no voter intimidation, no recounts and no courts to run and try to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with.

Here are the "bottom of the barrel 10 nominees" for the 2007 Red Stater's WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR (Oklahoma) in no particular order.

Sooner Thought (alGore won ?)
Kittenstomper (Kos/Funk Bush hating Clone)
Okie Funk (Moonbat College Professor teaches Bush hating at UCO)
JMBzine (Traitor chasing lawyer, proudly displays illegal OK Socialist Red Flag)
Center for Conscience (promoting military "objectors" and other traitors)
The Daily Kos Oklahoma? (as listed at with primary posts from Okie Funk and fake Oklahoma bloggers like nanoboy who claims to be writing from OK but his blog says he's in Knoxville TN and other assorted lies)
Photo Tune (Tulsa area Kos type with photo-shop)
10,000 Fists (Claims to be an decide for yourself)
Blue Oklahoma(Kos/moveon/Funk clone with primary posts from Okie Funk)
All of the above. (If you simply can't decide WHO is worse, "worserer" or "worsest")
UPDATE NOTE: The "all of the above" selection was deleted and replaced with a late write-in nomination deserving of your consideration. Mahatma X

With apologies to the many, many other legitimate Moonbats who didn't make the list.

UPDATE2: We have a brand new "write-in" candidate... who just might be the new dark horse in this race for ultimate moonbattery.
I AM EMILY "X"... (what's with all these "X"'rs?) "Emily" helps children in Oklahoma by making sure they don't ever see the light of day. Emily works at Planned Un-parenthood where abortions are their religion and the Bible is "scary" ...she sounds pretty darned batty huh? Well it turns out there actually is no Emily but this blog lists itself as an Oklahoma Blog on the Okie Blog Ring but posts mostly on Texas and Missouri stories about how PP is the victim of pro-life advocates. (Nothing about the aborted babies being victims however)
"Write in" your vote for EMILY X in the comments section below.
UPDATE3: Moonbats everywhere... I have another new write-in candidate... and get this, it is called Oklahoma Voice of Reason of all things. Sounds harmless doesn't it?
Not if you happen to not be born yet... in that case this blog is anything but harmless and is out to make sure you never see the light of day... in the name of "womens health" of course. On this blog they also use a study which never mentions womens health in it, but instead deals with the politics of socialized medicine and grades states that promote socialized med in order to come to the conclusion that "Womens Health is Deteriorating In America". lol This revelation comes at a time when women are living longer, healthier and more productive lives and getting better healthcare than ever before in history... oh well the left never lets a small detail like "facts' get in the way of a good story. What is her favorite blog? An abortion clinic of course.
The hits just keep on comin'...

... over in the right margin.
*Special instructions for moonbats,"right" this direction >>

UPDATE: 10/22/07-
After less than a week of polling, dochoc's Okie Funk is in 1st place and since dochoc does most of the Oklahoma posts for Daily Kos/Oklahoma... Okie Funk is also in 2nd place!

The rest of you are even bigger losers than you thought, so get to writing some moonbat insanity while there is still time. If you only have one vote and since it came from yourself, then you already know how bad you are.
Voting open until Dec. 1st 2007.
Here are some handy tips to help get more votes and prove that you are just as bad as any of them, in fact worse.

1- Post about algore winning the 2000 election or on globalgore warming/cooling or the never ending stream of killer hurricanes ravaging our coastlines with no end in sight or polar bears drowning while Bush's fiddles.
2- Post about Imperialist President Bush, the illegal occupation, the big 'ol civil war in Iraq, that the war is "lost", WMD's, or that the 9/11/2001 attacks were an inside job (Bush's fault).
3- Lecture us on ethics and how smart and honorable Hillary Rob'em Clip'em is, or how we need BJ Clinton to bring respect back to the White House, or "Culture of Corruption".
4- Tell us about border enforcement, enforcing immigration laws and building the fence.
5- Preach to us about morals, human rights and womens rights while defending/promoting/encouraging/demanding the slaughter of over 1million American children (each year) by abortion whom you deny the basic right to even live in the first place.
6-Enlighten us on the lack of healthcare for the poor (but be careful not to see the long list of free healthcare providers)
7-Jim Inhofe.
8-Karl Rove
9-Preach to us about the separation of church and state from the pulpit while promoting the Democrat party from that same pulpit.
10- Pinwheels for Peace, Peace protests, War- good God Ya'll, what is it good for, What if they gave a war and nobody came, Patriotism, Flags, American flag, or the military .
You know, the usual stuff...




Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Very bold move, Red. Okiedoke is away on vacation, so Ill endorse this in his absense.

Of the sites you list, I've only been to Okie Funk's. Thus my vote.
I don't make it a point to pollute my mind by going to these sites much. Lefty's is good enough for me.
But you might consider, visit Dr. Benjamin's blog, it is pure hate.
The Mahatma X Files

What is it with college professors being so liberal and socialistic? Do they not see that they are only creating another generation of unhappy, complaining people?
I see nothing at all that these really contribute, but hatred.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

I know, poor Colorado, as if they didn't have enough problems with the californication of the they've got an liberal okie up there.

I knew I was forgetting somebody... I think he used to be "the left end of the dial"... checking. I may have to add a late comer.
thanks again mal, you are all over it.

12:58 PM  
Blogger SoonerThought said...

Thanks for sending me all the great new traffic! Vote SoonerThought! I wear your scorn as a badge of honor. Ya dimwits!

8:46 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

well howdy doody soonie, I wondered when you would drop by to vote for yourself. lol
That's the first thing you've gotten right this year... or judging by your belief that globalgore is President, the first right thing since 1999!

Congratulations and good luck, I'll be pulling for ya' but Okie Funk is gonna be pretty hard to be "worse than".

But, You can do better than "dimwit" I'm sure... must be an off day.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Oilfieldguy said...

Thanks for the nod, Red. I must be doing something right. I'll abstain from voting though, vested nterest and all ;>)

10:02 PM  
Blogger Redstater said...

aw heck kitten, everyone else ran over here and voted for themselves... don't sell yourself short.

Go read okie funk and study up, I'm sure you can moonbat with the best of 'em.
But nobody likes a quitter, I would vote for ya'...'cept I can't vote... unbiased observer and all.

11:43 PM  
Blogger SoonerThought said...


7:59 AM  
Blogger Redstater said...

Now this is classic stuff folks... read on.

I posted a comment over at PHOTO TUNE letting him know he was nominated for my blogging award (like i did the others) He responded with something clever and not original like... "coming from you thats a compliment" which is fine.

To be a nice commenter, I also responded to his post on OKLAHOMA REPUBLICANS THAT HATE BROWN BABIES with the news that there are already healthcare facilities that accept, treat and care for ANYONE (illegal or not) who is pregnant and can't afford healthcare right here in Oklahoma and offered to provide him with a list of options in case he actually knew a pregnant woman who needed help.

YES IT'S TRUE. Illegal (or legal) women CAN (and do) get free pre-natal and post-natal and pediatric care FREE right now, right here in OKC.

A relative of mine WORKS at one such healthcare facility.
These babies (brown, black white, green, blue or otherwise) are actually delivered at OU MED CTR. one of the best in the state, while paying women go to whatever hospital they get.

Upon learning this news... what do you think PHOTO TUNE did?
A: ask me for a list of places?
B: say thank you for the info?
C: challenge my claim?
D: remove the ability to comment at his blog and deleted all prior comments in the process so no one could see this news?

If you selected D, BINGO... you are a smart cookie and probably NOT a "head in the sand" moonbat moron.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Oklahoma's WORST Blog 2007- Final Results.

Blue Oklahoma
6% (5)
8% (7)
Sooner Thought
8% (7)
Okie Funk
25% (21)
Daily Kos (Oklahoma)
8% (7)
10,000 Fists
4% (3)
OK Center For Concience
4% (3)
Photo Tune
8% (7)
5% (5)
Mahatma "X"
25% (21)

Total number of votes is 85.

7:08 PM  
Blogger JM said...

I really got to get after it if I'm going to beat Okiefunk for the honor next year.

Thanks for giving me a good goal to shoot for!

2:14 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

goals are good.

One tip would be to not wait until nearly a month after the awards are over to realize you were nominated... another would be to keep up the heavy doses of communism and/or socialism mixed with meaningless posts about your new cowboy boots.
But to be honest, Doc Hoc and mahatma x proved that they are beatable.

Better Luck Next Year, ... btw- I am considering doing a worst blog of the month award, so there is still hope for you on that.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was referred to your site as a joke by a friend of mine saying I would "love" your political views. After reading over your comments especially about the pro choice movement You can honestly say with pride you are one of the brainless Oklahoman's pre-programmed to think that the bible is literal and not just a moral guideline, that the president is always right, and by-god my kid should be shooting by the time he is out of diapers. I hope you are sterile we don't need any more like you in existance.

4:25 PM  

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