Monday, October 29, 2007

No Debating The Left You Racists

Here is the way debate goes according to those on the left.
Ready? Okay.
Debate over, accept their claims as fact or else you're a racist.

While the left proclaims to simply disagree with the President and his policies and seek to only debate the issues, (does that make them unpatriotic?) the exact opposite is what they really end up doing every single time.

On the war in Iraq: There is no debate. First they were on Bush's side in the war and in spite of voting for the war on multiple occasions Democrats (without any debate on the issue) changed their view, called the President a liar, General Petraeus a liar, our troops murderers and called for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Meanwhile, refusing to discuss the fact that Al Qaeda is even in Iraq, that Petreaeus was right, that Bush's surge worked and that the charges against the troops for murder were dropped.
Democrats refuse to discuss any of these issues, but they will call you a racist if you mention radical Islam or Islamo-Fascism, the war on terror, security at the airports or refuse a copy of the Qur'an (Koran).
Where is the debate?

On Global warming: In spite of there being more scientists refuting claims of man-made global warming than there are scientists supporting it, Democrats demand that we accept global warming as a fact without any debate whatsoever. When someone does ask for some discussion on the issue (Inhofe OK) they are dismissed and branded as anti-science...or a racist because the liberals say global warming affects the poor and minorities more than the general population.
Where is the exchange of ideas?

On Abortion: Try debating this one with a liberal and see what happens... I dare ya', sexist, racist, woman hater. (no link required... try it yourself, okay just one)

On Healthcare: Hillary knows best, everyone else shut-up (you racists)... there is no debating healthcare, It's for the children, the poor and minorities.

On taxes: Try and discuss lower taxes and how it stimulates the economy...the answer is always the same..."Rich people hate poor people, you racists". Where is the debate?

On enforcing immigration laws and the border... "you racist", did I mention you are a racist, how about English as the official language you racist?.

On protecting marriage ... "you homophobic racist".

There is no debating the left on any issue because they believe there is nothing to debate.
Whatever lie they come up with at night, by the next morning it's settled law and fact.
They believe that they must be right, after all they are "progressive".
Therefore being progressive must be better than not progressive (regressive), so why even debate a "regressive" on the issues? To debate, gives credibility to the opposition.
Liberal logic 101.

Why did I bring this up?
To point out that the party of "tolerance and open ideas", of equal opportunity, is anything but that.
It is the left that uses race at every turn, at every opportunity, for pure political gain. It is the left that keeps poor minorities dependent on the government welfare check, on government healthcare and dependent on the government for everything. It is the left that is racist playing the race card even when it doesn't fit.

Moonbat Liberals will even refuse to debate the fact that they refuse to debate ...and will instead probably call me a racist just to try and end this "debate".

Thanks for linking Mike McCarville

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Blogger Bucky The MoonBat Slayer said...

I love McCarville! A couple of years ago I worked as a producer at Clear Channel and had the opportunity to see him in action. He's a really great guy.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I noticed a while back that he has a link to you in his sidebar too... and I thought ...hey Mike's cooler than i thought if he swings by Bucky's place.

Keep on slayin'...

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