Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Korans, Plenty of Guts, is OK

Since the Oklahoma (*Qur'an) Koran story has been picked up by the national drive-by media circus crowd, I might as well weigh in on this.

The Qur'an (Koran) is the original source for the hatred being waged against America and the free world by Islamic radical fascist extremists. They point to the Koran as their map, their hope and their sole source of authority to exterminate all those who oppose them. These are not just a few extremists but represent up to 10% or more of billions of Muslims worldwide. The Koran teaches them to use suicide as a means to kill the enemy and achieve martyrdom in one motion with the reward being 72 virgins at their pleasure. The Koran is filled with hatred and is used to murder innocent people in it's name.

Those in the media and on the left (same thing) ignore the hatred in the Koran itself and instead condemn those who reject those ideas of hate, murder, suicide and destruction. So it is in the world today.
If you are serving in the Oklahoma Legislature...
I'm okay with you declining copies of the Koran, the KKK manual, Planned Parenthood literature, alGore's movie and Ahmadinejad's handbook on how to run America.

And just so we are clear..
It's also okay with me...
If you decline a free Centennial headwrap towel from Hezbolah.
If you decline a free Boomer-Sooner suicide belt from Hamas, Al Qaeda or the Twelvers.
If you don't loan your minivan to a guy named Abdul, Ali, Mohammad or Osama.
If you "return to sender" any package or item that is ticking.
If you decline any letter or package covered in any mysterious substance or dripping with any form of gew, slime, pink paint and/or white or any color powder.
If you decline an all expense paid trip to Syria, Iran, Lebanon, N. Korea, Cuba, China or Venezuela.
If you decline a fishing trip to Brazil with a bunch of trial lawyers.
If you turn down a free "pinwheel for peace".
If you decline a replica AK47 just like the terrorists use.
If you decline a 'Bin Laden Rules' poster.
It's okay...
If you wear a US flag pin on your lapel.
If you support the troops by supporting their mission.
If you say God during the pledge.
If you pray in a public building.
If you don't pray in a public building.
If you laugh at global warming.
If you laugh at evolution.
If you don't laugh at evolution.
If you challenge the left.
If you enforce the new law HR 1804.
If you fight for the rights of the unborn.
If you own a gun.
If you go with your gut.

But mostly it's okay if you stand up, grow a pair and fight back.

BTW- Anyone with a keyboard or a library card can read the *Qur'an/Koran at any number of places, anytime they want and thus it does not require the acceptance of a token political gift in order to be informed, but not supportive, of the teachings inside.

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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Thats your best yet, Red, of all I've read of you. Powerful, correct, red-blooded.
What specifically is the MM saying about us this time? Rednekked, backward Okies again, or a fear mongering tirade again? Either way, it is a tired, typical kneejerk reaction, I'm sure.

12:51 AM  
Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Way Off Topic-
Thank you, and all the Colorado Rockies fans for your graciousness and for a terrific baseball season, and entertaining W.S.

Enjoy those Boston baked beans, Red & Other Half! For the record, I was ready to go over to Pete's Place in McAlester for a dining 'experience' of a lifetime, had the Red Sox lost. Pete's is famous for their mountain fries...
Also a Thank you for a great friendship here in the OK blog universe!, and keeping me from writing a post at the LMC, entitled "Rookies Flatten Rockies".
LOL, take good care, buddy.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Honestly, lamb fries are best, Cattleman's in OKC is the place.

the 'prairie oysters' I've had here have been a little disappointing. I don't think they sell enough of 'em to know how to do them right.

ohhhboy, here come the obscene remarks from the

Post away mal, the Rox deserve what ever you give 'em... I think they were "just glad to be there" and not much more.
Having said that, the Sox pitching was outstanding and dominant and int the WS, pitching wins.

11:54 AM  

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