Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oklahoma House Bill 1804

"They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong".
Ronald Reagan
Oklahoma has done something it hasn't done very often in the past 100 years, which is to be a leader. Other states are already watching what happens here in the next 5 days when the new immigration law takes effect and if the results BEFORE the law takes effect are any example, it will be a huge success.

Reports from Tulsa to OKC to rural areas show that even before the law takes effect, Illegals are already moving on to greener pastures or home to Mexico. This legal exodus is already taking a burden off of our schools, hospitals and other public services freeing up funding for our legal citizens who paid that money in taxes in the first place.

Of course anti-border enforcement groups are outraged and filing lawsuits faster than Speedy Gonzales could get that piece of cheese and back before the trap could even spring. First they claimed the law violated illegal immigrants rights...until the Judge told them that those in this country illegally don't have that right... now they are suing on the grounds that it prevents illegals from their right to a home (which they are living in illegally).

Their "right" to own a home? Good luck with that

Oklahomans need to stand up for Oklahomans (for a change) and quit pandering to the very people that are a drain on our state, aren't in the state legally and don't respect our laws.

What about the jobs?
Well, without illegals to pay under the table low wages, companies will go back to hiring teenagers and other new 1st time workers who have been unable to find work or were considering moving out of state to find work. The higher paying jobs will be filled again by legal Oklahoma citizens who need work just as badly as those here legally taking the jobs.

Can Oklahoma actually enforce this law?
Yes of course we can, providing the law enforcement actually start doing their job instead of trying to be legislators from the squad car... or Police Chiefs office.

Can Oklahoma afford to enforce this law?
Considering the drain on government services alone the question should be "can Oklahoma afford to NOT enforce this law"?

Contrary to popular lies, this is not about race either. These people could be whiter than the virgin snow in Aspen Colorado on New Years Eve and it wouldn't make one bit of difference. If they are coming across our borders illegally... they are illegal and must go...white, green, brown whatever.

Contrary to popular lies, this is not about poor people. We have plenty of legal Oklahomans who are below the poverty line who are being robbed of their benefits by criminals in this country illegally.

This is about national security, this is about respecting borders, this is about enforcing the law.

House Bill 1804 is not only GOOD FOR OKLAHOMA and Oklahomans, it is good for America and Americans... and it's about time.

Oklahoma Laws: They're not just for us legal citizens anymore!

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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

This is a very well written post, Red. And our bill, our law will face challenges from the illegals for awhile, but I'm confident that it will be upheld, be constitutional, and Oklahoma will be a model for other states'.
Nothing worthwhile is ever without struggle.
Latest figures I hear are around 20-25,000 illegals gone already. All the benefits you list (jobs, health costs, smaller school classes) will happen in Oklahoma soon too.

11:33 AM  

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