Sunday, October 28, 2007

Options Limited, Osama's Last Stand

Engram over at his BACKTALK blog hits another home run with his prediction on Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden and why Bin Laden's best longshot hope still lies in Iraq.

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan
"At the moment, the only viable course of action for al Qaeda is to win in Iraq (i.e., bin Laden faces the same dilemma that George Bush faced last Fall, back when al Qaeda was on the verge of victory).
Perhaps that's why, in his latest communique, Osama bin Laden
humbly admits that mistakes have been made in Iraq (i.e., al Qaeda is losing) and tries to rally his forces to fight off George Bush's astonishingly successful troop surge".

Well worth the read, you won't be seeing this view at the Daily Kos, Okie Funk etc. and Engram can back it up with the numbers (uncooked).

I agree that an attack on the US right now would not get the desired result for Al Qaeda and that Bin Laden is smart enough to have figured this out based on his displeasure over Democrat failures pre and post elections. I might be looking for them to try and pull off something spectacular in Iraq to bolster Democrats opposition once again as a last gasp "hail Mohammad" long bomb scoring attempt.

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Blogger Red S Tater said...

Antiwar moonbats can feel free to apologize to General Petraeus, the troops and the Commander in Chief here.

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