Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 Worst Blog Award Results

Well folks, the final voting has come to a close in the Red Stater "Oklahoma's Worst Blog Of The Year" Award.
We had 86 votes total.
And the winner is.....

Sorry, there were no winners amongst this bunch of pathetic losers.
Thats right, the voting ended in a tie... actually several ties with no winner.
So, after a full two months of voting and trying to outdo each other on the insanity moonbat scale, plus coming here and voting for themselves multiple times... still no champion could be found, no victory can be claimed.

Only more mediocrity and pathetic self loathing can be found at our nominees blogs, too bad... I had such 'high hopes' for each of them, but little did I know that each is so inept as to not be able to break away from the rest.
Oh sure we could try and get down into the minutia of which one is slightly more or less lame, but in reality.... they all deserve the title.

Considering these most unusual circumstances... I think it is only fair to let each of the nominees claim a share of being the Worst Blog in Oklahoma 2007.
Please feel free to post the official moonbat award on your blog if you are one of the 10 finalists, or if you just feel your blog is deserving.
Also feel free to refer to any of the 10 finalists as one of the "Worst Blogs of the Year" 2007.

Here are the final results...
Oklahoma's WORST Blog 2007- Final Results.
# of votes in (?)

Blue Oklahoma
6% (5)
8% (7)
Sooner Thought
8% (7)
Okie Funk
25% (21)
Daily Kos (Oklahoma)
8% (7)
10,000 Fists
4% (3)
OK Center For Conscience
4% (3)
Photo Tune
8% (7)
5% (5)
Mahatma "X"
25% (21)

Total number of votes was 86.
Winners- 0
Losers- 10

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