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Demand Separation of State and News

You may have already glanced at the post below this one and thought... 'liberal bias in the news', ...so what... what difference does it really make?
I've tiptoed around this in other posts, but I'm gonna come right out and say what others are either afraid to say or haven't thought through... or I've missed.

The news media isn't just biased to the left... it has become nothing more than a Socialist Government propaganda tool combined with some pretty pictures, clever ads and lots of sports candy to keep us coming back for more. (Americans LOVE sports !!!)

If you're thinking "Bush controls the media", quite the contrary, if he did... the reports from Iraq would have a much different look to them as well as everything else in the news I assure you.
No, our Democrat/Socialist controlled government controls the Socialist/Democrat controlled media. The Government IS the media right now and the media IS the government (the majority Democrat part only).

We hear a lot these days about the separation of state and church
... well I'm calling for the IMMEDIATE Separation of STATE and NEWS.

How can I say such a thing?

Consider what's been 'going down' between the "new media" and the "old media" and the Democrat majority controlled government.
You have leftist blogs like moveon.org and the daily kos etc. feeding phoney news stories to the leftist print and main stream news media which presents the stories as fact to the public (without retraction when stories have been refuted) combined with a leftist leaning slant to the entire news report in the first place. Real news with a slant combined with outright lies and propaganda. For the purpose of this discussion the terms Leftist, Socialist, Democrat and Government are interchangeable.

Leftist blog-o-sphere + Leftist media =Leftist propaganda.

The next component to the equation is leftist control of the government. It's no secret that the Democrat party agenda and the Socialist Democratic agenda and the Socialist agenda and the American Communist party agenda are all pretty much xerox's of each other with minor marketing and cosmetic differences. Let's just say Democrats LEAN left. Way left. Socialist left at the least. Democrats are by and large... socialist and one look at their plans for healthcare, the economy, taxes etc. will confirm this in just a few seconds.

Leftist Democrat control of government + Leftist Democrat control of media = Leftist government controlled media.

"No I'm not,...YOU are..." And all the while, Democrats spend a good deal of marketing energy making sure they go on the leftist blogs who feed it to the leftist media where they all accuse the rest of the media of being in George Bush's pocket. Media Matters was created and is serving just this purpose as we speak, it filters out the rightwing lies from the truth of the left. This doesn't happen by accident but by design. It's called "covering your tracks".
If you ever watched pro wrestling for entertainment as a kid... you always saw the bad guy claiming he was the victim as he 'cheated' behind the ref's back... great theater, but the audience could see what was going on that the ref couldn't... in the case of the analogy with our media we never get to see what is going on ...because the ref, the cameraman, the producer and the network are all pretty much in the tank for the "socialist guy/gal". (wrasslin' fan? soonerthought used the phrase - "worked the ref" in his recent Globalgore post to make the lame case against liberal bias existence with a link several years old thus avoiding any new evidence to the contrary-lol)

Yes, I realize that our media is not forced by the government in this case but is a willing compliant component in the blatant movement to take our country from us, even WHILE WE *ARE AT WAR with a very real and dangerous enemy on a different front which this same media refuses to report on properly. (shocking! ...film at...never o'clock)
From wiki on State Controlled Media...
"The state controlled media in Belarus deny that there is any bias or censoring of freedom of expression in Belarus. They point to the Belarusian people's overwhelming re-election of Lukashenko on September 9, 2001 claiming that this shows that the anti-democracy sentiment in Belarus is genuine and that the Belarusian people and media do have the right to free speech - they simply do not want to criticize their government because they believe it to be running the country well."

*See "Will 12th Imam, Please stand up" below if you haven't heard about the war yet. I can however, understand why you may have not heard anything about the war (except that war is bad).

Now, I'm not big on yelling the sky is falling and stuff like that.... but we (as Americans) need to put down the remote control for about second, forget about drag racing and football and baseball and how much you hate your job and all the other things that are distracting us from putting a stop to this immediately.

Combine all of the above with the fact that the left and the leftist controlled media attempt to SUPPRESS all forms of opposition like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and any newspaper that dares report negative stories on Democrats are discredited, attacked and as in the case of the Daily Oklahoman Newspaper... local leftist blogger Okie Funk author and college professor will not allow college students to even use the largest paper in the state as a credible source as I have documented earlier.
Investigations need to be launched and conducted to find out just how deep this problem goes, root it out and clean up the news media (Ministry of Information) and call for an Immediate Separation of News and State.

One suggestion I have made in the past is to simply require every political reporter to provide his/her leanings statement along with each story.
Name: David Podvin and Jamil Hussein
Occupation: Phoney Journalist, blogger , often quoted ...never found.
Political leaning: Democrat, Bush hater.

Britt Hume
News, opinion.
Conservative leaning journalist.

Chris Mathews, Keith Olberman, Dan Rather (oops "retired" lol), ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, AP, and 99% of the news media
Occupation: Getting Democrats elected to office under the guise of journalism.
Political leaning: ...lol..., what, are you kidding me?

Rush Limbaugh
Rush doesn't give us the news (he disassembles it and looks at it) and is already UP FRONT with everyone on where he is coming from. He is a conservative... and in fact is probably "THE" conservative.. and proudly (but humbly) while accurate 98% of the time, proclaims it so.
The rest of the media could learn a valuable lesson from Rush on this. But then they'd have to give up on their dirty little secret.

Then they might miss out on their planned tri-fecta in 2008... that being the Senate, the House and the White House.
Democratic Socialist rule, are you really ready for that folks?

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Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


I'm not ready.

It's time to call out all these Liberals in the News, The Schools and everywhere we can find them and destroy thier character just like they do the Republicans.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Hey Marie, yes...
These people must be defeated in the arena of ideas, I attack them for being socialist and using socialist tactics... and like you (I'm sure) do not consider it a personal attack at all. Their character was destroyed by themselves, I don't post about their personal issues much, but on their views, goals and methods.

I'm also sure that like me, you could care less what color their skin is, what sex they are or are not, what their stance is in the bathroom, about their families and children or their personal lives or lack thereof...this is about America and Socialism/Communism.

The leftist Democrat control of the media is a serious situation... almost cost us the war in September... if not for the brave and now confirmed report by General David Petreaus we would have surrendered by now... media that if left unchecked is a major problem for a free America.

thank you Marie,
and thank you for your contributions to our country.

2:34 PM  

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