Sunday, November 18, 2007

Emotional 2007 NHRA Awards Ceremony

As anyone who has visited this blog very often knows, aside from moonbat hunting and fishing for low-lying libtards, I love the great American born sport of drag racing.

It all started when my older brother took me out to Sand Valley Raceway on the west side of OKC, off Council Road back in the mid 1960's.
They had me at hello.

The NHRA 2007 Awards Banquet aired on ESPN2 today.
Sure I usually try and watch it, but they all seem about the same... boring and usually stiff but professional. But with all of the events, tragedy, losses and excitement of the 2007 season, this was no ordinary blah blah awards banquet.

In my view, Funnycar Champion Tony Pedregon stands out as having delivered perhaps the most compassionate and heartfelt acceptance speech I have ever heard in sports- period.
I've never really been a Tony Pedregon fan, in fact I've always viewed him as a bit over reactionary and over competitive to the point of being unthankful and ungracious having once driven to a Championship while working for John Force Racing, then being a bit snippy after leaving John Force Racing.

But 4 years of being on his own has brought out a different Tony Pedregon, along with losing a close friend and competitor Eric Medlen and almost losing his former boss and competitor John Force and the death of NHRA and Hotrod magazine founder Wally Parks within a few months time.
What fans saw on ESPN2 today was a great Champion. Thanking everyone, not from notes and not any rehearsed way, just dotting every "i" and crossing every "t", Tony gave credit to his entire crew and 'luck', recognized his competitors individually, discussed the evolution and commitment of his sponsor Q Oil, dedicated the Championship to the memory of Eric Medlen and to his former boss John Force, tears flowing, but Tony marched on without seeming anything but thankful and sincere, he talked about what a great sport NHRA drag racing is, that someone...anyone can do it, ...can reach their dream. He spoke directly to John Force urging him to come back and do battle and expressed his sincere thanks to all the fans.
I will never look at Tped the same way ever again, no matter how mad I get at him for something he says at the end of a 330mph run.

"The next championship, ...the next race, ...the next round, that's what drives drag racers."
-- Tony Pedregon

Congratulations to all of the 2007 NHRA Powerade World Champions.
T/F- Tony Schumacher US ARMY Top Fuel Dragster
F/C- Tony Pedregon Q Horsepower Oil Nitro Funnycar
P/S- Jeg Coughlin Jegs Mailorder Parts Chevrolet Cobalt Pro Stock
P/SM- Matt Smith Torco Racing Fuel Buell Pro Stock Motorcycle



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