Thursday, November 08, 2007

Give Democrats What They Want

Democrats have been telling us since 2003, that before a politician supports the war, he/she needs to send their son/daughter to fight in that war. (see Chickenhawk n.)

Duncan Hunter is running for President.
Duncan Hunter's son is in the Marines, currently serving in Iraq and has also served a tour in Afghanistan.

In 2004, Democrats nominated what they called... a 'war hero' for President.

He served in Vietnam, alright, unfortunately it turned out that he protested the war to the point

that his picture still hangs in the N Vietnamese (Communist) National Museum... as a hero.

Okay... that didn't work out like Democrats had planned.

Duncan Hunter is running for President and proudly served in Vietnam as an Army Ranger.
He is the former Chairman and current ranking member of the Armed Services Committee.

He didn't hang out with Jane Fonda, but he does still has have his war medals of honor.

In 2008, we have the opportunity ....responsibility to give the Democrats what they've always wanted... no ...demanded.

A genuine legitimate war hero, who's son is a genuine war hero, currently serving the country.

VOTE HUNTER 08... ...."Do it for the Democrats".


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