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"Here's Your Sign"

I don't know how many of you out there are old enough to remember or are fortunate enough to have learned about the old Burma Shave signs along the highways and byways of America and in particular along Route 66 here in Oklahoma, but they were once one of the most popular advertising campaigns ever.

It went something like this, you are driving along with the family and see a series of small red signs safely place along the right shoulder of the road about 100 feet or so apart... maybe more or less depending on the terrain etc., and these signs told a clever story, in rhyme usually, and always ended with "Burma Shave' on the final sign.
Once you read a couple of series... you couldn't wait to see the next ones. It made travel more fun.
Here are a couple of actual examples...

"Don't take the curve /
at 60 per /
We hate to lose /
a customer /
Burma Shave"

"Henry the eighth /
sure had trouble /
short term wives /
long term stubble /
Burma Shave"

Okay one more...
"He stepped on the gas /
instead of the brake /
I'm pretty sure /
That's his last mistake /
Burma Shave"

So, you get the idea.
I heard that the Duncan Hunter campaign is considering the possibility of bringing back this great American iconic marketing strategy in his 2008 presidential bid. A group of Hunter supporters submitted the idea which is currently under review.

Don't be toooooooo surprised if you see a new version of that fabulous slice of classic Americana show up on a street near you in approved legal locations only of course!
Here are just some of the signs being considered...

Lower taxes.../
Higher Fence.../
Win the war.../
He sure makes sense./
Duncan Hunter08

All the candidates /
Looked the same /
Till one great man /
Rose to fame /
Duncan Hunter08

My vote won't count /
He thought with dismay /
Till he voted for Hunter/
on election day /
Duncan Hunter08

When punching a chad
You best be thinkin'
Don't look away /
And Don't be blinkin'
Vote responsibly !

If ya' don't vote for Hunter /
Ya' best beware /
Of skyrocketing taxes /
and Hillary-care /
Duncan Hunter08

Looking for a Prez that's great? /
Don't tempt fate /
No need to wait /
On this, there's really no debate /
Vote Duncan Hunter in oh eight

Who to vote for /
what a quandry /
Vote Duncan Hunter /
No dirty laundry.

The polls all say
he's way behind /
Political hay /
is a state of mind /
Break out today /
and you will find /
...Duncan Hunter

Feel free to submit your best effort in my comments area... if it's good, I'll make sure it gets to the right people.

Happy motoring !

More... fun with roadside signs!

Huckabee's not the deal /
His platform has lost it's appeal /
There's only one man /
That conservatives can /
proclaim is certifiably real.
-Duncan Hunter 08

Warning: Election ahead /
Not Rudy or Mitt or Fred /
Will beat Hillary /
and keep us all free /
From taxes and socialized med /
Vote Duncan Hunter for President 08

The voters get weak in the knees /
When polls don't go as they please /
Put down the tissues /
Decide on the issues /
and Hunter will win it with ease /

Looking for a Prez that's great? /
Don't tempt fate, no need to wait /
on this there's really no debate /
Vote Duncan Hunter in 08

Donate to /
the Hunter cause /
while we take /
a commercial pause /
He enforces immigration laws /

The polls all say /
He's way behind /
Political hay /
Is a state of mind /
Break out today /
and you will find /
...Duncan Hunter.

Support the Troops /
Not Terrorist groups /
Build The Fence /
Just Common Sense /
China's cheating /
So Buy American... /
...and give 'em a beating /

Build the Fence?
"Dun" did it.
Win The War?
Sure we "can"
Find Osama?
Call the "Hunter"
Duncan Hunter for President 08

Don't read this sign /
And try to drive /
Let riders do it /
and stay alive !

Voting in 08? /
Choices not that great? /
On one you've not heard /
a discouraging word /
His victory you can help create! /
Vote Duncan Hunter for President

Election up ahead ! /
It's Rudy or Mitt or Fred ? /
An upset in the makin'... /
Hunter brings home the bacon /

He served in Vietnam /
his son served in Iraq /
He'll win the war, yes ma'm /
Before our troops come back /
Duncan Hunter for President-08

He built the fence /
that cut back crime /
He'll build the rest /
in 6 months time /

They'll wonder where /
All the aliens went /
How he cut taxes back /
and shrunk the gover-n-ment /
How he won the war in Iraq /
and gave China a hint /
Hunter's on the right track /
for our next President /

Vote Duncan Hunter 08

China isn't trading fair /
We had better best beware /
One man has the plan to fix /
The deficit he'll surely nix /
Jobs and growth he will create /
Vote Duncan Hunter in oh eight.

Republicans to the left did shift /
Rudy, Mitt and Fred, all three /
Leaving voters a little mift /
For siding with Ted Kennedy /
But one man on the right does sing /
Before it gets too tardy /
Lets all get back to the Republican wing /
Of the grand old Republican Party
Duncan Hunter08

Time out

-by red s tater

Polls Got You Down?

-red-s tater

Hillary Alert

Debate This

-red s tater



Blogger Red S Tater said...

One of my favorites which didn't make the cut for obvious reasons... was this one...

Hillary had some /
Scandalous dirt /
On another candidate /
With whom she did flirt /
She promised to tell /
the secret until /
she found out /
the dirt was on Bill.

1:02 AM  

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