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Huckabee Not The Real Conservative That Media Claims

The media likes to portray Mike Huckabee as the most genuine conservative up and comer candidate in the Republican field. Oklahoma Lefty asked me my opinion on Huckabee which prompted me to this post.

We all know that Rudy, Mitt and McCain all have liberal leanings which concern red stater values voters like myself. Huckabee is being sold to us a the real deal conservative... but consider just who is doing the selling and what their definition of a 'conservative' is.

Here is Mike Huckabee on TAXES... see if he sounds like any conservative you know...

Duncan Hunter is for making the Bush tax cuts permanent and opposes any new taxes, plus Hunter is a sponsor of the FAIR TAX plan.

Mike Huckabee has said he supports the fair tax... and every OTHER tax proposal as well however. The Club for Growth takes a close look at Huckabee's 10 year tenure in Arkansas, and it's not pretty.
UPDATE:11/13/07- BATESLINE has this followup story confirming the Club for Growth analysis today.

On illegal immigration Huckabee tries to straddle a 40 feet wide 20 feet tall double fence.
He says he wants to enforce the laws but...
"What does make sense is a revision of our laws, one giving those here illegally a process through which they pay a reasonable fine in admission of their guilt for the past infraction of violating our border laws and agree to adhere to a pathway toward legal status and citizenship"
i.e. Pay the gov some $$$ and go to the front of the line... ahead of those that applied for citizenship LEGALLY. (THIS is Bush's Amnesty bill)

Huckabee sponsored the Southern Governors Association bill to "IMPORT FARM WORKERS FROM MEXICO to America. Huckabee's bill would...
"Implement a farm labor system, based on the agreement between Canada and Mexico, which will provide an orderly, efficient way to import farm workers."
Sound like any conservative YOU KNOW OF? Me neither.

Duncan Hunter says "If you can climb over my fence, we'll sign you up for the Olympics".
Hunter is the author of the US/Mexico Fence Bill signed into law by President Bush and supports tough enforcement of our borders and immigration laws.

We are still over a full year away from the 2008 elections... so please, TAKE THE TIME and compare Duncan Hunter to all the candidates on all of the issues and vote for the best candidate NOT the best known candidate.

Looking for the "REAL DEAL" Republican conservative?
The Missouri Republican Assembly say's Duncan Hunter truly represents the "Republican Wing of the Republican Party".

Find out why that is so and perhaps you too will support Duncan "The Real Deal" Hunter for President.
UPDATE: November 26 2007- Bob Novak writes this piece on Mike Huckabee being the "False Conservative".

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Blogger Dave said...

According to Dick Morris, Huckabee supports the Fair Tax too.

11:51 PM  
Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Another news article from Iowa today says that 46% of Republicans see Romney as the most Conservative candidate. [shudder]
With Huckabee at 38%.

Hunter's record is being kept from voters in most states, thanks to the media, save for Glenn Beck. Still wish Hunter could make it onto Boortz' or Limbaugh's airwaves for half an hour...

12:21 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Yes, Huckabee has said that he supports the fair tax, tobacco tax, surtax tax and pretty much every other tax proposal..good or bad.

* Immediately upon taking office, Governor Huckabee signed a sales tax hike in 1996 to fund the Games and Fishing Commission and the Department of Parks and Tourism (Cato Policy Analysis No. 315, 09/03/98).
* He supported an internet sales tax in 2001 (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07).
* He publicly opposed the repeal of a sales tax on groceries and medicine in 2002 (Arkansas News Bureau 08/30/02).
* He signed bills raising taxes on gasoline (1999), cigarettes (2003) (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07), and a $5.25 per day bed-tax on private nursing home patients in 2001 (Arkansas New Bureau 03/01/01).
* He proposed another sales take hike in 2002 to fund education improvements (Arkansas News Bureau 12/05/02).
* He opposed a congressional measure to ban internet taxes in 2003 (Arkansas News Bureau 11/21/03).
* In 2004, he allowed a 17% sales tax increase to become law (The Gurdon Times 03/02/04).

By the end of his ten-year tenure, Governor Huckabee was responsible for a 37% higher sales tax in Arkansas, 16% higher motor fuel taxes, and 103% higher cigarette taxes according to Americans for Tax Reform (01/07/07), garnering a lifetime grade of D from the free-market Cato Institute. While he is on record supporting making the Bush tax cuts permanent, he joined Democrats in criticizing the Republican Party for tilting its tax policies "toward the people at the top end of the economic scale" (Washington Examiner 09/13/06), even though objective evidence demonstrates that the Bush tax cuts have actually shifted the tax burden to higher income taxpayers.

Finally, Governor Huckabee opposed further tax cuts at a 2005 gathering of Iowa conservatives (AP 09/17/05). On January 28, 2007, Governor Huckabee refused to pledge not to raise taxes if elected President, first on Meet the Press and then at the National Review Conservative Summit.

Huckabee is not the real deal.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

The club for growth... Summation:

Governor Huckabee's record on pro-growth, free-market policies is a mixed bag, with pro-growth positions on trade and tort reform, mixed positions on school choice, political speech, and entitlement reform, and profoundly anti-growth positions on taxes, spending, and government regulation.

While Governor Huckabee's record displays some flashes of economic conservatism, especially during his early years, the overwhelming evidence of his record and rhetoric over the past ten years leaves the Club for Growth and economic conservatives around the country to wonder if a President Huckabee would espouse the relatively pro-growth policies of Governor Huckabee circa 1997 or the anti-growth policies of Governor Huckabee circa 2004. While the Governor has made a concerted effort to defend his record, calling oneself an economic conservative does not make one so. His recent refusals to rule out raising taxes if elected President-the cornerstone of a pro-growth platform-perhaps indicate which path he would choose.

8:44 AM  

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