Thursday, November 08, 2007

NEW FEATURE: Open Comment Friday

That's right folks, it's Red Stater 'Open Comment Friday', when I turn off the comments moderation and open it up for you to post your comments freely without any hassle or delays.

Good open debate is always welcome here, but on Fridays especially so.
Tell me where I'm wrong and I'll give you a quick lesson in what's right.

I've certainly given you plenty to comment about this week, so keep it clean and on topic for that particular thread or else I will go back and remove your efforts of best laid plans gone bad. Abuse the system too much and you ruin it for others. I will use you as an example, you have been warned.

Freedom of speech like this won't be found at ANY of the extreme leftwing blogs, but only at Red S Tater's Red Stater blog.

UPDATE: 9:00 am- ALERT ! At 5:36 am we already had an example of why this is a bad idea, "Did you marry your 11 year old sister?"

Since the last 4 or 5 comments posted here and at The Better Half from this person have referenced 'incest', I'm getting a little concerned for his young daughters safety and well being (which he also frequently mentions).
Personally I've maybe referenced the term about 4 or 5 times in my lifetime, it seems disturbing that someone would have such a fascination with it.

If anyone knows this person, please contact the local child welfare or child services department and have this looked into. Not to punish someone who disagrees with me, (I could care less) but for the sake of his children who should not be subjected to the things that he so freely and easily exposes that he is obviously obsessed with at some level.

If it helps a child who is being abused, then this was a good idea after all.
UPDATE- 9:30pm Comment Moderation Enabled.

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Blogger yojinnbo said...

Cool. Open comment Friday?

I'll respond to what you put on my blog here:

I just can't believe that there are people out there like you that actually pretend to believe the crap you spew.

you sir are a pathetic scumbag.
A poor misguided loser.
You have our deepest sympathy.

That's the best I can do for ya',

So you save all your deepest sympathy for us poor pathetic misguided loser scumbags?

Did you really have to call me all those names? I mean I haven't said anything rude to you except maybe the part where I deleted your comments and called them SPAM, but you were rather rude. If my eight year old daughter happens to read my blog, I'd rather her not read those things that I deleted.

What right do you have to tell me that I'm pretending to believe what I say? You are destroying my country with your fascist ideology and you have the nerve to tell me that I don't believe what I say?

I don't come to your blog and use bad words. Up to this point, every comment I've made on your blog (or your better half's) has been about the subject that you've talked about in your post.

Let's see what you've called me that I can repeat here:
Sick puppy
ignorant and (sic) assenine
make fun of my hobbies and my picture
pathetic scumbag
poor misguided loser
and other things that I don't want to even repeat here.

You also implied that debating your wife was picking on a little girl. Did you marry your 11 year old sister?

So by your definition, debating your wife was below me. I should pick on someone my own size. If I was your wife, I would be upset with this comment. But then maybe debate is not her strong point.

How can you watch cars race that don't even go around in a circle? It's just a little short line. Crazy.

5:36 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

look folks, I leave the gate open for 2 minutes and a sick moonbat flies in.

Just so you all know yojinnbo(?) has been coming here for about a year now...(changes his name about every 3 months...but from the same blog)
His first post was in response to my sincere invitation to anti-war liberals to unite the country by supporting the war...last December or so.

This troll is the reason I implemented comment moderation in the first place.

HE went back into my archived posts and cut'n pasted the same comment about 20 or 30 times over and over in different posts...

The first or second post my better half posted, guess who was there to make references to incest and wild accusations immediately?

When Eric Medlen was tragically killed in a racing accident... guess who dropped by to say horrible things I can't repeat here just days after Eric had died...?

He drops in, picks a fight then accuses me of picking on him.

Yes aaron, avandeg etc. you are a scumbag, a poor pathetic loser.
You just proved it again.

BTW- did you see where Joe Lieberman mentioned you in his interview yesterday?

congrats on that.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Before you fly away back to your cave, why don't you give us all an update on how that big 'ol civil war in Iraq is going.

Please enlighten us on the war that we can't win... but are winning.

What's that?
You've already flown the coop...

8:25 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Front page updated. If anyone knows who alan, aaron, avandeg, yojinnbo is, get him some help or contact the local child health services.

Apologies to anyone just dropping by, please feel free to comment and disagree... but as I said, keep it above the belt and clean.

red s tater

10:23 AM  

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