Saturday, November 17, 2007

Notes From The septic tank Out Back

Okie Funk/ Notes From The (septic tank) Out Back, has really outdone himself this time.
While it's easy to pick apart most any of his irrational, illogical posts, this one is begging for it.

The 'Funky' celebration of the Oklahoma Centennial post starts with his pondering about the future of Oklahoma...

"Will this future remain driven by an oppressing, extreme right-wing ideology that inhibits economic growth and stunts the quality of life here? Or will the state’s citizens realize Oklahoma and the nation need to chart a different course, a course that gives government back to the real people who have made this place work the last 100 years?"

Uhhhm, excuse me professor Kurt, I hate to interrupt your leftwing rant, but I have a question sir.

You said that Oklahoma has been ruled by an "oppressing ideology that inhibits economic growth and stunts the quality of life"... which you are indeed correct on this (rightwing excluded), so my question is... Are you not aware that Oklahoma has been ruled for the past 99+ years by a Democrat majority in both the house and senate until the election just one year ago and not ruled by "right-wingers"?

By your assertion of "oppressive rule" in your very first paragraph, you blew your entire argument for voting Democrat.

But the fun continues...
Funk states that the "ideology here on the prairie has always been based on the psychological dysfunction of self-loathing and the mindless idolatry of rich, powerful people."

Are you (doc hoc/Funk) aware that Oklahoma ranks among the top in charitable donations?
Are you aware that Oklahomans have a long standing reputation for being just the opposite of what you described?
Unless of course you are referring to "overpaid, self loathing, mindless college professors"... then you might be right.

Next, Funk claims there is a virtual grapes of wrath exodus from the Republican party... and shame to be a conservative abounds...
"I know staunch, Oklahoma conservatives who have left Bush and the Republican Party in disgust and horror. We all know these new stories of awakening, these “ironic points of light,” in the words of W.H. Auden, though the state’s right-wing reporters and editors try to hide it because, as always, they must hide their shame."

Apparently the good professor didn't see what just happened in Louisiana politics or he wouldn't be quite so glib. Louisiana as you all know had been controlled (like Oklahoma) by Democrats since about 1492 in their case and blamed ALL of their problems with hurricane Katrina (and everything else) on Republicans. In their very recent elections a month ago... they overwhelmingly voted....GUESS WHAT ? (hint: not democrat).

As well, I don't see any reporters hiding anywhere... nor have I ever heard a single Republican say they have any intention of voting for any Democrat, Oklahoma or otherwise... (and I'll bet I know more "staunch Republicans" than Okie Funk ever dreamed of) however, I can name some Oklahoma Democrats who voted Republican in the last election and have expressed no desire to change in 08... Toby Keith being just one. (yes he is a Democrat)

Funk says Oklahoma liberals say... "You deserve decent wages and decent health care. You deserve decent schools and colleges. You deserve, and your children deserve, a chance at the American Dream. This progressive message resonates today from Lawton to Tulsa to Oklahoma City to Idabel to Newkirk to Guymon."

Funk offers no plan or idea for how to make any of this happen however... except for us all to vote for another 100 years of the same "oppressive rule" he describes in his first paragraph.

Decent wages come from having a policy that is friendly to big corporations there Funk, liberals and Democrats in general are anything but 'friendly' to big business.
Decent healthcare is already available to all Oklahomans and I have listed nearly 50 locations in OKC alone to get FREE or low cost healthcare of any nature. Thats not good enough for the socialist/communist Funk.
It's free everything provided by the government that he promotes as the key to Oklahoma's future.
Decent schools and colleges come not solely from the government, but come from taxes derived from thriving business. No business = no tax revenue... no revenue = no gov funding.
Apparently Okie Funk seems to think the American Dream is merely getting everything FREE from the government dole.

Funk points to "Imperial President" Bush's "horrible" approval rating of 24% as a positive sign things are going to turn around for socialist Democrats in Oklahoma... apparently also unaware of the Democrat led Congress approval rating of just 11%... Meanwhile, OJ Simpson has a higher rating than the Democrat controlled congress with a 16% approval. Yet, this is somehow good news for Democrats according to Funk.

Funk concludes...
"So 2007 is an important year for Oklahoma, true, but 2008, an election year, is decisively more important.
After the last land run reenactment, after all the corporate hoopla, after the last fireworks display, Oklahomans need to get busy to bring about major political change here. Let us make 2008 known as the year Oklahoma stopped the right-wing scams and restored the dreams of its hard working people."

After taking one last shot at the very people who provide those "higher wages" he claims to be in support of and insulting the same people who will be funding any of his big government programs he is recommending... he has the nerve to use the word...
How ironic considering that is all Okie Funk/dochoc does... is scam.

Update: Not to be outdone, Soonerthoughtless proves that he can personally outvote the 3, maybe 4 other voters who rate blogs at blognetnews-Oklahoma and then congratulate himself generously.... what was it Okie Funk said above... ohhh yes, "the psychological dysfunction of self-loathing".

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Blogger Red S Tater said... his comments section Okie funk (doc hoc) continues his hatred for the very people Oklahoma needs to rise above it's socialist past...

"I guess we can take solace in the fact that most of the centennial hoopla turned into forgettable corporate mush. It had no meaning."

3:44 PM  

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