Saturday, November 24, 2007

Okie Funk Calls for Second Hole to Drain Boat

Did you ever see those Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy movies where they get a hole in their rowboat and try to figure out out to drain it? Okie Funk must have seen this movie and took them seriously.

Funk leads the way here in Oklahoma in wrongheaded thinking. With revenue in Oklahoma taking a small one month downturn, Funk is calling to hit the tax-increase panic button. That's right, retail sales were down in October which meant that sales tax revenue to the state went down. For one month. This happens frequently and a one-month drop is not any indicator for what the following month(s) will bring, however it is enough for short-sighted socialists and communists to demand raising taxes on the very people who drive those sales numbers.

It is this kind of stifling backward thinking that has kept Oklahoma from blossoming into the great state it could become for 100 years now.
If it moves, tax it... if it grows, regulate it and if it stops moving,... subsidize it. -(Ronald Reagan)
This is the mentality of Funk and the new socialist Democrat party.

Oklahomans spent less money in October, so Funks answer is to give us even less to spend in future months by raising our taxes.

Okie Funk provides Oklahomans with the best reason to vote against Democrats, not for them as he suggests. Thank God he is just a college professor and not in any position to actually do anything.
Imagine if a company operated this way...any month that sales drop, they raise their prices next month. How long would that company be in business?

Well that is what Funk is proposing for Oklahoma... you didn't have enough money to buy stuff last month so were gonna raise your taxes so you have even less next month. Brilliant! Not.
Now I know why they say those that can't actually "do".... get hired to "teach" instead.
He writes...
"Republicans cut taxes to ensure vital government programs do not receive adequate funding. The underlying philosophy is to eventually privatize most aspects of government, such as public schools and colleges, making corporations richer on the backs of hard working people. Under this system, the extremely wealthy, America’s new oligarchy, call all the shots, and democracy becomes just another historical event rich people can study about in their plush private schools."

I'm not sure if this is an attack on Republicans or private schools... or just an attack on logic and common sense. I guess there are no Democrat children in private school, only Republicans can afford that? LOL And government programs don't often get cut... if ever. Tax cuts put money in the pockets of those who paid taxes... so they can spend it thereby increasing sales and tax revenue to the government far more than increasing taxes on declining sales.

Sounds to me like Funks big plan is to simply tax Republicans (conservatives) and give it to Democrats (socialists).

And people wonder why after 100 years of this kind of backward politics Oklahoma is where it is? Near the bottom or last in every category.

This reminds me of the old movies where one of the guys would accidentally shoot a hole in the bottom of their boat, and to drain the water out... the other one shoots or drills a second hole in the bottom of the boat.

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Blogger Red S Tater said...

Did I mention your tax dollars go to paying Doc Kurt's (Okie Funk) salary?

No wonder he wants to raise your taxes.

5:24 PM  

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